T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Will Help Communities of Color

Black and Brown communities face obstacles every day that many Americans often do not understand or appreciate. The long-term effect of these obstacles often results in lower academic achievement, limits on career possibilities, and weaker community bonds. For example, many Americans have become accustomed to accessing broadband-like speeds at home, at work and when using their mobile devices. Internet use has become such a standard part of our lives that we hardly even think about it anymore. But let’s take a moment to think about how much more challenging or frustrating it would be to pay bills, apply for a

T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Will Bring Underserved Californians Into The 5G Future Faster

Earlier this year, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) held hearings to evaluate the proposed T-Mobile-Sprint merger, where I was one of dozens of Californians who came out to make our communities’ needs known. As someone who works every day to ensure diverse communities have fair and inclusive access to opportunities and services, I feel it’s important to underscore the potential benefitsthe merger will bring to these communities.