Sam Cooke

Black Music Month: Remembering Singer Joe Hinton

Over the years, there have been many recorded protest songs. Considering in the climate of today, these songs are still important.
In 1939, singer Billie Holiday recorded “Strange Fruit” – a song composed by Jewish American Abel Meeropol (under the pseudonym Lewis Allan). The story goes that the lyrics were taken from a poem Meeropol wrote which was published in 1937.

Wendy’s Window-A Change is Gonna Come

In 1963, just two years after I was born, Sam Cooke sang a song called a “Change is gonna come.”  It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die ‘cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky…there been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long, but now I think I’m able to carry on.  It’s been a long, time coming, but I know a change gon’ come, oh yes it will.

SONG OF THE DAY: Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come (Official Lyric Video)

“A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke Lyrics: I was born by the river in a little tent Oh, and just like the river I’ve been a-runnin’ ever since. It’s been a long, a long time comin’, but I know, oh-oo-oh, a change gon’ come, oh yes, it will. It’s been too hard living but I’m afraid to die ‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky It’s been a long, a long time comin’, But I know, oh-oo-oh, A change gonna come, oh yes, it will. I go to the movie and I go downtown Somebody

Fed Up

When I saw the National Guard line the streets of Downtown LA, it stirred up a lot of emotions for me as a Black Angeleno. Having lived through the 65’ Watts Rebellion, the LA Uprising in 92’ and now the unrest we are witnessing after the public murder of George Floyd – I know that this fight is not new for us; it cuts across generations and is a sustained outcry for Black humanity to be seen, valued, and respected.

This Week in Black History (December 10)

December 10 1982- Pamela McAllister Johnson became the publisher of the Ithaca Journal. This made her the first Black woman to be a publisher of a mainstream paper.   December 11   1964- Legendary singer Sam Cooke died after he demanded entrance into his room at the Hacienda Motel, Los Angeles, where he was staying. After a brief physical struggle, the manager fired three shots, which fatally wounded Cooke. The singer was known for his hit songs “You Send Me,” and “Chain Gang.”   December 12   1975- The National Association of Black Journalists was founded by 44 men and