Rev. Dr. Mary S. Minor

Words of the Week – Rest In the Lord

Scripture – Psalm 37:1-7a, NKJV We must learn to rest. Rest is just as important as movement. We must learn to live free from activity. I’m not suggesting we become lazy. Lazy is just doing nothing. Resting is consciously choosing to pause from one’s work. Rest is about the journey. Laziness has no journey. There are seven types of rest: physical (body) rest, mental (mind) rest, emotional (soul) rest, sensory rest, creative rest, social rest, and spiritual rest. Spiritual rest is the most important, but all forms of rest are necessary. Spiritual rest allows the body, mind and soul to recharge. Spiritual rest is achieved by pausing sensory, creative, and social activities. Spiritual rest is resting

Words of the Week – The Coming of the Lord

The message today is no matter how long you much wait on God, keep hope alive, because the Lord will return. Jesus told us, No one knows the day nor the hour with he will return. So, just be ready!

Words of the Week – You Meant It For Evil; God Meant It For Good

We have this future hope: God will rescue you and me from all our troubles. God will wipe away every tear. God will take care you. Stop crying and complaining. Receive Christ! Only believe you are favored by God and know that God is faithful. God is working it out! God is working it out for your good!

Words of the Week – You Wanna Be On Top

Scripture: Mark 10:35-45 Anyone who is a Tyra Banks fan remembers her hit TV show “America’s Next Top Model” — a reality television series and interactive competition in which a number of aspiring models compete for the title of America’s Next Top Model and a chance to begin their career in the modeling industry. Winners typically receive a feature in a magazine and a contract with a modeling agency, among other prizes. The show’s theme song is “Wanna Be On Top.” Every contestant wanted to win the coveted prize of being America’s Next Top Model. When you are on top,

Words of the Week – Open Your Mind

Scripture: Luke 24:45, NIV People have varying opinions about what is happening in our society. A lot is happening: The perpetuation of “The Big Lie.” Protests. Press Conferences. Gun violence: police shoot unarmed Black men and boys; public attacks and shootings of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI); a man had a bad day, so he went to a grocery store and shot and killed innocent people; and disgruntled employees shot and killed their managers and co-workers and themselves. As I read Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, and emails, as I listened to news reports on the television, radio and social media,

Black Clergy Honor Bass and Lee on International Women’s Day

The California Black Women’s Collective united with faith leaders throughout the state to recognize the achievements of U.S. Congresswomen Karen Bass and Barbara Lee. More than 200 people logged-in on International Women’s Day, March 8, to pay tribute to the political trailblazers. The virtual event, billed as “A Conversation with Black Clergy and Faith Leaders,” was co-sponsored by the Baptist Ministers Conference of L.A. and Southern California (BMC), Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California (SCLC-SC), the AME Church and Allen Temple Baptist Church. The program also focused on strategies to secure the former senatorial seat of U.S. Vice President

What would Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. say about the State of America if he were alive today?

Dr. King’s belief in non-violence as a moral and political basis for achieving the “Dream” he envisioned did not include a passive or patient acceptance of a lower place in society. He knew this would be a multi-generational quest for our freedom, and prophetically told us that we would eventually get to the mountain top even if he were unable to be there with us.

FAME Church Celebrates 147 years

First AME Church of Los Angeles, the city’s oldest church founded by African Americans, will celebrate its 147th Anniversary on Sunday, May 19.  Former members and friends have been invited to attend this “homecoming” celebration. Pastor J. Edgar Boyd announced that the preachers for the day will be the Rev. Dwaine A. Jackson, pastor of Bryant Temple AME Church, at the 7:45 a.m. service and Bishop Clement W. Fugh, presiding prelate of the AME Church’s Fifth Episcopal District, at the 9:55 a.m. service. The Rev. Dr. Mary S. Minor, pastor of Brookins-Kirkland Community AME Church and a former FAME associate minister, will

Walker to Preach at Price Chapel AME Revival

The Rev. Darryl Walker will be among the featured preachers at the 2018 Summer Revival sponsored by Price Chapel AME Church, on Wednesday, June 13, through Friday, June 15, at 7 p.m. The services will be held at the church located at 4000 West Slauson Ave., in Los Angeles. The theme is “Lord, Be With Us and Create In Us A Clean Heart” based on Psalms 51:10-13. The revivalists will be the Rev. J. Arthur Rumph, the Rev. Dr. Mary S. Minor and the Rev. Darryl Walker. Rumph is the pastor of Grant AME Church – L.A., Minor leads Brookins-Kirkland