Rev. Dr. Brenda Maull

Faith Leaders Must Help Congregants Implement Healthy Lifestyles

Historically in America, African American churches have been a long-standing source of safety, strength, and support for the African American community, in modern times, especially during the Civil Rights Movement. To date, African American churches have been underutilized as an important and essential partner for improving the health and wellbeing in the Black community.

What would Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. say about the State of America if he were alive today?

Dr. King’s belief in non-violence as a moral and political basis for achieving the “Dream” he envisioned did not include a passive or patient acceptance of a lower place in society. He knew this would be a multi-generational quest for our freedom, and prophetically told us that we would eventually get to the mountain top even if he were unable to be there with us.

Women’s History Spotlight: Maull Uses Community Engagement to Aid Those in Need

The Rev. Dr. Brenda Maull is one of the many women making a difference in South L.A. An associate minister at Holy Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Maull has devoted nearly four decades to helping others overcome the challenges of life. A Los Angeles native, she serves in three assignments to carry out her passion. The Rev. Dr. Leonard E. White, pastor of Holy Mt. Calvary, appointed Maull to the Mission and Community Engagement Ministry; and the Rev. Ronnie Taylor, pastor of New Christian Church of Disciples of Christ, named her as the liaison minister to Life Ministries. Maull also