Regina Brown Wilson

Unique Opportunity for First-time Homebuyers to Build Generational Wealth

In April, many Californians will have the opportunity to participate in a new program that will help qualified applicants to be the first in their family to own a home through a new program that has been introduced by the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) called the “Dream For All” (DFA) Shared Application Loan Program

Xernona Clayton and Other ‘Herstory Sheroes’ Honored in Atlanta

Civil rights icon Xernona Clayton became the first woman to be enshrined with a statue in downtown Atlanta on March 8. The eight-foot statue with its arms open, propped high on a pedestal, looks down on Xernona Clayton Plaza, making the petite icon a giant in the cradle city of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

Black-Owned News Outlets Will Run Gov. Newsom’s Quarterly Column ‘On the Record’

Starting this month, over a dozen California African American-owned-and-operated news outlets – including the Los Angles Sentinel, the Oakland Post, the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, the Sacramento Observer, the Inland Valley’s Black Voice News and the San Francisco Sun Reporter – will publish in-print and online a quarterly column Gov. Gavin Newsom writes to inform Californians about important policy issues impacting them.

State Leaders Kick Off $100.3M Census Push With Call to Ethnic Media, CBOs to Help Get Word Out

“California is determined to ensure we achieve a complete census count. We’ve started early and are committing more resources than any other state on a robust outreach and engagement effort to reach all Californians,” said Ditas Katague, Director, California Complete Count – Census 2020. “Our collaborative partnerships throughout the state will make a difference in 2020, which may be the most difficult Census count yet for California.”