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Minority Employees v. Amazon: Rev. Jackson, CK Hoffler, Announce Support of Class Action Lawsuit

Former Amazon employee Chris Smalls and his attorneys, National Bar Association President C.K. Hoffler and famed Civil Rights Lawyer Michael Sussman, detailed the lawsuit which seeks unspecified punitive damages against the tech giant, during a call with members of the press and media, including the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

Myths and lies about poverty

No doubt, some will always be wealthier than others. We wouldn’t want to live in a society that forced all to be equal. But poverty isn’t inevitable. The 30 million people in America who lived in poverty even before the pandemic when unemployment was at record lows needn’t exist in that state. 

Thompson to Step Down as President of Baptist Ministers Conference

L.A. Pastor, BMC’s youngest-ever president, led group in successfully tackling spiritual and social justice issues After more than five years leading the Baptist Ministers Conference of Los Angeles and Southern California (BMC), the Rev. Xavier L. Thompson will step down as president. Fortunately, his move is not due to scandal or disgrace, but rather his choice in light of his growing ministry and increasing involvement in the civic arena. Elected as the youngest president in BMC’s history, Thompson is the pastor of Southern Baptist Church in Los Angeles. His charge has expanded to include spiritual leadership of St. Paul Baptist

Hollywood, it’s time to flip the script on diversity

For the second year in a row, no actor or actress of color has been nominated for an Academy Award. That is a shameful streak. But the growing outcry over the whitewashing of the prestigious golden statue and the industry it celebrates is a sign of at least some progress. There’s a new consciousness emerging. Twenty years ago when the Rainbow PUSH Coalition protested the almost total lack of Oscar diversity — only one out of 166 nominees was African American in 1996 — our efforts were met largely with indifference and ridicule by even some of the very minority

Jackson Celebrates 74th, Focuses on Economic Justice

The significance of the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.’s birthday celebration this year has to do with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s ongoing work toward economic justice, he said. To that end, Jackson and members of the organization for almost the past two years, have been involved in the technical sector making sure that mainly African Americans are represented on the boards and in the employee pools of the tech companies whose products they so heavily consume. Jackson and Rainbow PUSH are inviting the public to join him in celebrating his 74th birthday on Saturday October 10 with breakfast and a live