Northern California

Advocacy Groups Call L.A. County Mental Health Jails ‘Potential Death Traps’

Black Lives Matter co founder Patrisse Cullors along with advocacy group Reform L.A. Jails, launched the #CancelMcCarthyContract campaign this month, in an effort to stave off Los Angeles County’s proposed Mental Health Jail to be built downtown. Last year, county supervisors approved $2.2 billion to be earmarked for a replacement Men’s Central, with an added focus on mental health and rehabilitation, noting that 70 percent of the county jail’s population were physically or mentally ill. However, said Cullors, all is not what it seems. “On June 24, 2019, Sachi Hamai, CEO of Los Angeles County, pitched a jail plan that

Northern California is Voting Better and it’s Time the Rest of California Caught Up

I can no longer pick one candidate when I know of a better way to vote. As a Southern California taxpayer that’s tired of being asked to choose between candidates out of our flawed election system, I am aware of the costly illusion of choice in our elections. Thankfully, Northern California has a promising solution to help restore democracy by fixing our elections.

Understanding Water Reliability for the New Water Year

October marks the start of the 2017-2018 water year, which runs from October to September, and marks the period over which California water agencies measure the year’s precipitation levels.