Outgoing AU Ambassador to US Blasts Commission for New Smear Campaign

Now, Dr. Quao finds herself fighting against the AU to maintain her reputation. She said their claims of misappropriation of funds are false. Also, the AU’s contention now that all programs and projects under Dr. Quao had no formal approval and that it found no evidence that donations and funds collected were deposited in any AU account.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Spot Check Ordinance for Hotels

Police say the ruling makes it hard to fight sex trafficking, drug dealing. The U.S. Supreme court recently struck down a Los Angeles ordinance that allowed the police to examine guest registries at hotels and motels anytime during the day or night. The 5-4 decision upheld a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that had set aside the ordinance on grounds that it permitted unreasonable searches. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office had maintained that some hotels and motels have become havens of prostitution, sex trafficking and drug dealing and that police need the authority to conduct spot checks,