Hillery Advocates for ‘More Life’ in Campaign for L.A. Council District 14

After seeing the Los Angeles City Council District 14  be “taken advantage of for so very long” and the aftermath of the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery killings that made downtown LA feel like a “war zone,” Attorney Teresa Hillery asked herself who was in charge. Displeased with her findings from her research. Hillery said to herself, “We deserve better, and I can give them better.”


If you want to get to the real source of political issues in America, follow the money.
For years, grassroots organizations have been protesting against the Los Angeles County District Attorney (D.A.) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department for their actions or inactions.
But what if the D.A. and the Sheriff aren’t where the real problem lies?
In order to find the source of the problem, you’ve got to find the source and required uses for funding these two departments.

Students, Parents and Teachers Protest Conditions at LAUSD Schools

Students, parents and teachers from throughout Los Angeles County rallied on the steps of Susan Miller Dorsey High School on Thursday, Nov. 19 to demand that the Los Angeles Unified School District improve conditions impacting Los Angeles schools. Supported by UTLA members, the protestors voiced their concerns to Los Angeles Unified School District’s Office of Government Relations representative Pedro Salcedo, who was present to hear the grievances. The state of California’s new funding process, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which encourages stakeholder participation in the LAUSD’s budget, requires all school districts to have a Local Control and Accountability Plan