God’s will

Words of the Week – To Love Your Enemy

I heard a pastor recently state that we’re going to always have enemies. He shared that people are going to fall into one of these categories: you will have people that will always hate you, you will have people who are willing to be persuaded differently about you and you will have people who really don’t care about you either way. People will have issues with you for a variety of reasons in life and many of those issues will be out of your control. Nevertheless, God has asked us to do something that may go against every fiber of

Words of the Week – The Mind Has to Open to Understand the Scripture

Scripture: Luke 24: 35 – 48 The mind has to open to understand the scripture. The Bible informs us that the disciples spent time communing with Jesus, appreciating Jesus, and learning from Him.  They did not quite understand the mission of Jesus nor did they fully understand their mission until after the resurrection and His ghostlike appearance. They had watched Him die, saw Him buried in a tomb, then heard His body was missing. And suddenly, He was appearing in front of them, in the evening and it was not a figment of their imagination. But the disciples were not

Words of the Week – The Resurrection Hope

Scripture: 1 Cor. 15:12-22 While pastoring in Kansas City some years ago, I served as co-chair of what became a nationally acclaimed End of Life program entitled “Compassion Sabbath.” The program was sponsored by the Center for Practical Bioethics aimed at increasing the quality of spiritual care provided by faith leaders to their congregants at the end of their lives. We were successful in bringing together over 300 faith leaders to share ways that they could be more effective in their end of life ministry. One of the conversations surrounding our work was that of “realistic versus unrealistic hope.” When

God Continues to Shower Blessings Upon Kierra Sheard

The artist/actress releases new single, co-stars in new movie and expands her clothing line Kierra Sheard is a living testament to the benefits of being in the will of God. By following the direction of the Father, she is experiencing some of the greatest blessings in her young life. This month alone, the 32-years-old Sheard will drop a new single, “It Keeps Happening,” co-star in the biopic, “The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel,” and release her sixth album, “Kierra.” In addition, her Eleven60 clothing line, aimed at full-figured women, continues to grow in popularity, her song, “Don’t Judge