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Ready Life Finds Support Through Football

Ready Life was created to provide financial tools to people to start generational wealth. The app allows its users to get a mortgage by showing a history of their paid bills instead of using a credit score.

Mike Bloomberg Announced The Greenwood Initiative, a Plan to Revitalize the Black Community

At the site of the Black Wall Street Massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg announced the Greenwood Initiative: Economic Justice for Black America. Mid-January, Bloomberg addressed the biases stifling the Black community and countering the issues with future plans that will create generational wealth through ownership. “Even though Greenwood was called ‘Black Wallstreet’ it wasn’t full of bankers; it was really just a thriving upper-middle-class community where people worked hard, played by the rules and believed that they could get ahead,” Bloomberg stated in the opening of his speech. “In other words, it was just like many places

The American Dream Remains Deferred for Black Millennials

“As I entered my 30s, still navigating what achieving the dream would mean, I wondered what other Black millennials were feeling. I wanted to figure out what my generation of Black Americans thought about the promise of the American dream and how we can attain it,” said Reniqua Allen, the author of “It Was All a Dream.”