Department of Water and Power

Los Angeles City Mayor Partners with Department of Water and Power to shut down Unsolicited Large Gatherings

Los Angeles data shows scaling increase in positive cases among the youth demographic. Younger individuals are contracting the virus in an increasing rate. The most common space for spread is through gatherings and extended outdoor leisure. The county stressed to avoid populated areas and to remain indoors as much as possible.

Mayor Garcetti Announced DWP Will Not Shut Off Services Due to Non-Payment for the Rest of 2020; Rent Freeze Extended Another Year

Thursday, May 7, Mayor Eric Garcetti provided an update on COVID-19 Response efforts. The Mayor previous announced a 3-level analysis that will be in use, as Los Angeles gradually opens local businesses. The brick-and-mortars are still not allowed to let people come inside, but there is curb side assistance available for florists, car dealers, and stores that sell toys, books, clothing, sporting goods, and music. Community spaces that are looking to open by Saturday include trails and golf courses. Eric Garcetti provided updated data surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, these numbers hold a deeper value, as they stand as major factors in deciding what future firms will open in L.A. The Los Angeles City Mayor shared the updates within the departments of Power and Water.

DWP Customers Owed $67.5 Million in Refunds 

A court-appointed independent monitor has verified at least $67.5 million in refunds and credits that the Department of Water and Power will need to pay to remedy inaccurate bills issued to customers during a troubled upgrade of the utility’s billing system, attorneys said this week.

Appeals Court: Controller Allowed to Audit DWP Trusts

An appeals court sided last week with Controller Ron Galperin’s efforts to audit the financial records of a pair of worker safety and training trusts that receive about $4 million a year from the Department of Water and Power. Brian D’Arcy, the chief of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 18, has fought against subpoenas issued by Galperin’s office to gain access to the trusts financial records, saying the controller does not have the right to directly examine those documents. A superior court judge earlier denied D’Arcy’s request to quash the subpoenas, and a court of appeals on Friday October