Wednesday, August 5, the Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti disclosed recent records of the coronavirus outbreak. On Wednesday, the mayor reported the numbers were seeing a steady trend, Los Angeles remains in ‘Level Orange’ of COVID-19 caution. There has been sightings of large gatherings and Garcetti shared his plans to keep the City away from any future sites.

The Mayor announced there has been over one-million tests administered across Los Angeles. The mayor stressed the concern in people gathering during the time of physical distancing. Gathering is in violation of the health orders put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to Mayor Garcetti there has been large parties in The Hills, he announced that he has partnered with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to shut down all utility in warranted places that are holding these large gatherings. If police show up and report there is a unsolicited gathering, they will start with a notice following with the process of requesting the LADWP to shut off utility services.

Multiple public officials stressed the importance of staying home, wear a face covering, an

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti (Screen Shot)

d to be aware of the current environment. The City looks to be getting back on the recovery pathway and the mayor is looking to bring medical equity to underserved communities. The mayor shared the resources available for those unable to make it to a testing site.

The Fire Department redeveloped trailers that have walk up windows testing four people at a time. Through out this week, the mobile testing sites will be by 1st and Soto. This is in result from funding assistance, on July 7 the County announced a new commitment, to supply additional funding for testing sites. As previously mentioned, there was a $400,000 seed devoted to the support of staffing costs at COVID-19 testing sites operated by CORE. It helped current operations, fully fund nine sites, and prepared the launching testing centers.

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti shared the latest updates regarding the coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday. Current county statistics reflect 2,347 new infections, bringing the total to 197,912.  Mayor Garcetti disclosed 940 of those reports came directly from the city of Los Angeles.  Hospitalizations are down by 20%, the County confirmed the transmission is steadily decreasing. The positivity rate in the city of Los Angeles is slightly over 7%.

Los Angeles data shows scaling increase in positive cases among the youth demographic. Younger individuals are contracting the virus in an increasing rate. The most common space for spread is through gatherings and extended outdoor leisure. The county stressed to avoid populated areas and to remain indoors as much as possible.

Its estimated that 1 out of 510 Angeleno are carriers of the virus. The mayor described this as “positive news” he explained that it reflects the efforts made by the community are working. Garcetti Stated, “Even in this moment of trial, we have the capacity to achieve the extraordinary, to tap into the wonders of science, innovation, technology, and creativity.”