Danielle Cralle

Robert Townsend Inspires Miami Youth, Puts Them to Work

For years, Robert Townsend has been making television and film for people of color and while his latest film, Playin’ for Love, seems to be no different, Townsend was able to change the lives of several Miami-based high schoolers during the filmmaking process.

Kevin Powell’s new book shines light on poverty, creates community discussions

Growing up poor can be an isolating and scarring experience that affects many, but is discussed amongst few.
In Kevin Powell’s new autobiography, “The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey into Manhood”, he takes the reigns and gives his first-hand account of what it’s really like living in and escaping poverty, in hopes of healing and connecting others.

Oscar winning sound mixer uses crowdfunding for directorial debut

These days, crowdfunding is big business for independent films.
Previously many independent filmmakers relied heavily on money from big studios and investors but with the fundraising success of films like Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, which raised nearly $1.5 million, and web series like Awkward Black Girl, which raised $56,000 after the sixth episode, more and more filmmakers are turning towards the general public to fund their projects.