Cynthia Davis

‘Spring Into Action’ Community Luncheon Planned

Turning Point presents “Spring Into Action – Gala Community Impact Luncheon” on Sunday, April 28, at 11 a.m., at 4391 West Mount Vernon Drive in the View Park district of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles City Mayor Speaks with Experts from Medical and First Response Industries about COVID-19 Pandemic

According to her years of study in the HIV Pandemic, Cynthia Davis stressed the differences in behavior between the two viruses. HIV took over 40 years to reach 1.5 million cases globally, coronavirus took 2-3 months to reach 500,000 positive cases within the U.S. alone. Dr. Davis stressed the physical guidelines and the importance in testing to combat the spread of COVID-19. Cynthia Davis declared, “…You want to use what is called, Universal Precautions, which means you treat everyone as if they have been infected with COVID-19 and take the appropriate precautions.” This includes hand washing, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing.

“HIV/AIDS – Forty Years and Counting”

Forty years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States, African Americans continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS.

CPR Foundation Sponsors ‘Sistahs, Can We Talk’ Conference

Healthy living, educational enrichment and societal inequities will be some of the topics highlighted at the “Sistahs, Can We Talk” Women’s Conference. The symposium, hosted by the Cynthia Perry Ray Foundation (CPR) Witness 2 Fitness Health and Wellness Outreach, takes place on Saturday, Jan. 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and a range of speakers will be on hand to share insight into improving the health of women of all ages. “Our goal with this conference is to create an uplifting, enlightening experience for those in attendance, to empower them to take hold of their own well-being, both mental