Councilman Paul Krekorian

Price Elected as Pro-Tempore for L.A. City Council

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Oct. 25 to elect Councilmember Curren Price for the position of Council President Pro Tempore. In light of the racist City Hall recording scandal, the LA City Council last week named Councilmember Paul Krekorian as its new Council President. On Friday, Oct. 21, Council President Krekorian introduced a motion to select Councilmember Price as the next President Pro Tempore of the LA City Council. Related Stories Seahawks’ Offense Rout Chargers 37-23 Rams Overcome a Two-Game Losing Streak, Defeat Panthers, 24-10 “I look forward to working with Council President Krekorian and my colleagues

Council Members Seek Report on Controller Suspending Ridley-Thomas’ Pay 

Members of the Los Angeles City Council continue to question whether City Controller Ron Galperin had the legal authority to cut Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas’ pay and benefits after Ridley-Thomas was suspended from the council last year, with the latest motion filed on August 9 by Councilman Curren Price. 

LAPD Calls Ghost Guns an `Epidemic’ in LA, with 400% Increase Since 2017

The proliferation of ghost guns — some of which can be put together within 30 minutes — has increased “exponentially over the last year” and has become an “epidemic,” according to a Los Angeles Police Department report that will be reviewed by the police commission tomorrow.bThe virtually untraceable weapons, which don’t have serial numbers, have increased by about 400% in Los Angeles since 2017, according to the LAPD’s data on recovered firearms. “The current trend shows these figures will continue to grow exponentially,” the LAPD said in its report, which notes that 3D printing allows the components to be more accessible.

LA to Invest $30 Million in Solar Storage Program Using City-Owned Buildings

As Los Angeles sets out to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035, city officials announced a $30 million investment today in a municipal solar and storage program using city-owned buildings across departments.
   “We’re celebrating not just another milestone in our fight against climate change, but also a step to build a more sustainable city starting with buildings that the city owns, the city controls and the city can lead by example in making sure that we have renewable energy,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a downtown news conference.