WFLA Hosts First Combine

The Women’s Football League Association (WFLA) is on track to become the first women’s football league to have both an Eastern and Western conference. The WFLA plans to launch on August 2020 with 32 teams and the funding to pay their players.

Questions linger about continued relevance of combine drills

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Players running around in underwear. That’s the quintessential snapshot of the NFL scouting combine, or the entire pre-draft period for that matter. The sprinting, jumping and shuffling in high-performance, form-fitting workout threads, though, is only a piece of this complex evaluation puzzle. For all the attention on 40-yard dash times, bench-press repetitions and vertical leaps – fueled by an around-the-clock broadcast on the league’s own cable network – questions linger about the continued relevance of these activities during an era when mathematic and scientific advancement have taken player appraisal to places that never seemed possible before. Don’t