Black in America

My Plan to Lift Every Voice in Black America

President Trump wants to paper over the living wound of racism. He’s issued Executive Orders and established a new national commission designed to whitewash our history—and deny the daily reality of being Black in America. He actively appeals to white supremacists and fans the flames of hatred and division in our country, because he thinks it benefits him politically. He ignores the most basic job of every president: the duty to care for all of us, not just those who voted for him.

There’s more to talk about besides immigration

Former CNN anchor, Soledad O’Brien is currently on tour with her “I Am Latino In America” town hall events. Having recently stopped at Occidental College in Los Angeles, O’Brien is giving students and millennials an open forum to discuss issues that are of importance to them. She speaks exclusively to the LA Sentinel on why it’s necessary for African Americans and Latinos to come together to ensure the educational and economic success of the next generation.   LAS: Throughout your career, you’ve always championed for the coverage of topics that impact African Americans and Latinos in this country. You’re also