Black History April

Righteous Reflection On Being African: A Kwanzaa Meditation

Kwanzaa is a time of celebration, remembrance, reflection and recommitment. It requires these practices throughout the holiday. But the last day of Kwanzaa is dedicated to deep reflection, meditation on the meaning and measure of being African and how this is understood and asserted for good in the world in essential, uplifting and transformative ways.

Don’t Quit!

I believe we all have experienced hearing or using “four-letter words”. These are words that if our parents or grandparents heard us say we would get our mouths washed out with soap. Four-letter words refer to a set of English-language words which are considered profane.

Supervisor Holly Mitchell Named Los Angeles Sentinel Person of the Year

Supervisor Holly Mitchell holds herself accountable for producing physical change on every level of public service. Her work has led to advancement in human compassion and growth within diverse communities. Mitchell has found the tools to sculpt an inclusive design of the nation.