Bishop Kelvin Simmons

Immanuel Praise Fellowship Holds Rites of Passage Program for Black Teens

Immanuel Praise Fellowship (IPF) in Rancho Cucamonga recently held the opening initiation for its eight-weeks Rites of Passage Manhood Development and Selfhood Mastery program. The training focuses on African American teenagers, ages 16-to-18. The program is offered every other year to boys in the local community who demonstrate that they are ready to embark on the journey from boys to men. Rites of Passage participants, called Simbas, and their parents, are requested to prioritize program participation and participate in all classes and activities. This year, eight boys accepted the challenge, including IPF  r’s college-bound son, Joshua. Speaking about her son’s participation, Taylor-Dunn said, “As he prepares to go off to college this year, the IPF Rites