‘Black Opry Revue’ Throws the Covers Off of Black Country Music

WASHINGTON INFORMER — These five artists had a lot of stories to tell, primarily based on relationships. Audiences heard about finding true love, breakups, and relationship payback. Those themes were mixed in with songs about support with self-awareness, and staying true to the country genre, a few about drinking.

Beyoncé Knowles Carter Slays LA Again

Beyoncé Knowles Carter is the undisputed queen of the music world. For three nights, Queen Bey easily and magnificently displayed her majestic talent while turning this massive arena into a silver and chrome blinged-out runaway with fans strutting their best looks and loving every minute.

FAMS Founder Tobago Benito Speaks on Black-owned businesses in the Music Industry

FAMS or Forever a Music Store has found a new way to bring prosperity into the Black community. They look to understand the challenges in building a business and meet them with solutions—to build a legacy that will live after our time. The Los Angeles Sentinel had an exclusive interview with the founder of FAMS, Tobago Benito, he explained the overarching goal of creating more Black-owned businesses through vinyl stores opening up across the nation.

Robert F. Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Frank Baker and William Pickard Top List of Black Donors to HBCUs 

A recent Washington Post story found that Black Americans donate a higher share of their wealth than their white counterparts – to the tune of around $11 billion each year. Given their cultural and educational importance to the Black community, HBCUs are the repository of much of these donations with a number of household names – and some you may not know – making big-dollar contributions to these institutions.  

Grammys CEO on a mission to regain music community’s trust

When Harvey Mason jr. took the helm at the Recording Academy, the Grammy-nominated producer knew there would be an uphill climb. He’s heard firsthand from some in the music community that the academy wasn’t a fit for them, the award voting process was ineffective, and that the organization lacked diversity. Those critical responses have fueled Mason’s mission as the academy’s CEO to right the wrongs and listen to the voices of the unheard. He’s already replaced the nominations review committee with a new member peer-driven voting system, overhauled the leadership with two co-presidents, increased membership and committed to hiring more

Hammond Entertainment Partners with Kaiser Permanente to Provide Vaccine Distribution in Napa Valley 

The pandemic gave the world an opportunity to expand their definition of humility and compassion. Hammond Entertainment has impacted so many lives with Kaiser Permanente by distributing vaccines in Napa Valley. The production company’s CEO Bill Hammond explained how this experience woke him up to a deeper understanding for his purpose and destiny.