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From X to Z: Bridging the Social Capital Divide

Social entrepreneurship is in my DNA. After finishing graduate school, I wanted to give back to my community, but I needed to earn a living. After a few months of job searching, I reached out to my mentor Angela Reddock Wright for job leads and advice. Although my previous work history with Angela as a student was spotty, she believed in me and offered me a position on a project team she was leading for the Los Angeles Urban League.

Gen X Pastor Aims to Draw Traditionalists and Millennials to Christ

The Rev. Marvin McKenzie aims to draw all ages to Christ and doing that, he says, takes “out the box” thinking. As the new pastor of Walker Temple AME Church in Los Angeles, McKenzie believes multiple generations will come to know the Lord if he incorporates that creative philosophy to spreading the Gospel. “I want to grow the membership of the church by trying things that have never been done before,” says McKenzie.  “I think of the four men who brought their crippled friend before Jesus. These men were not able to bring their friend through the front door via