Dr. Jeanette Parker (file photo)

Wow! I intended to do a Part 2 on the US status and foreign countries. There’s so much going on that’s on the back burner. The news seems to be primarily aimed at elected officials beating up and criticizing each other in a see-saw tug a’ war for power and even if one side does something good, the other finds a way to deny, distort or discredit.

The United States is in a jeopordous precarious position. We’re in the 7 th day of the government shut down. Each side blames the other as they’re fussin’ and fight’n. I hear so much craziness on the television about the universities and what students are exposed to: our children and grandchildren.

There’s talk about   pronoun accuracy from he, she, her, him, they, us and whoever?? We’re being educated to use pronoun correctness as needed. “Grammar conventions are shifting. Efforts to introduce nonstandard pronouns, some of which date to as early as the 1850s, have generated a vast array of alternatives, including “xe,” “ze,” “phe,” “er,” “ou.” In 1884, several newspapers tried to make “thon” happen. Increasingly, courtesy titles like “Mr.” and “Ms.” are having to make room for novel varieties like “Mx.” — pronounced “mix.” Today, many transgender people prefer the conventional “he” or “she,” but those who have adopted “they,” “them” and “theirs” as personal pronouns have become much more visible. Over the last few decades, The New York Times has changed the way it writes about transgender men and women.

The power of language cannot be overstated. It can legitimize or it can dismiss.” Newspaper reporters are challenged on how they report their stories. Let’s show we can be better and rise above the confusion. Look forward to brighter future days in our own lives. There we have more influence. What is unchanging? The incontrovertible truth. It can be distorted, perverted; but it’s permanently correct. Some will deny that. Others will accept it.

Some will believe and others won’t believe. Learn where you excel. Find your “glow.” What is your brightest spot? What do you do best? What is your gift or talent? If you don’t know yet; start asking yourself these questions. Sometimes it takes time to “spot” your “glow.” Is your glow music, serving, researching, culinary arts, organization, building, architecture, gardening, art, medicine, so many things and so many ways.

Most importantly; DO NOT give up! Search for “your powerful glow.” Find it. You have it! If you don’t already know it, it’s waiting for discovery. Now the “He” mentioned in the title: “He is a person.” He’s the Holy Spirit! He’s alive, actively waiting to be proactive in your life. Access dunamis! Power that begets power!

Jeanette Grattan Parker, Ph.D. Founder/Superintendent Today’s Fresh Start Charter School: author “Will You Marry Me? ©Inquiring Minds Want To Know” ©all rights reserved. [email protected][Sally Ryan for the New York Times article by Raillan Brooks April 5, 2017]