Dr. Jeanette Parker

REALLY WANT?? “What men want in women and from women is getting more complex. Men and their motives are evolving.” [Eric Jaffe] Some men don’t want women. They want men [won’t admit it, until found out.] They’re in the closet, denying biological birth.

Nowadays, men don’t have to hide their preference. They can do whatever they want. Some men want boys; others mothers and their children, too, girls and boys. Some want young women or older women. Some men want hard working women. Others want smart women. They want a slender woman or a skinny woman; or plump women. Some like [what is called] a pretty woman [in their mind].

God did not create ugly woman or ugly man. Beauty or handsome is in what the eye perceives and what exudes from within. Some men want a beautiful face for a trophy public presentation, someone to make them look good in public. Some lead secret lives, until exposed. So, anyway; I just got carried away a bit here. I asked myself the question, “What do men want?” Preferences differ. Let’s move to another point: “common perception biases:” where men are perceived to be one way. It may not be true. In a way, that speaks of prejudice too; for example, stubborn; men only care about sex; or about food or about work; men are stingy; men are mean; all men cheat; men are never satisfied; men don’t talk to you, show no feeling or affection. These are perceptions, not necessarily reality when you look at men as individuals; Some “common perception biases” are formed from personal experiences. I saw a tv show where three men were talking about one woman [all of whom were on the show]. The men were talking about their experiences with this woman.

Don’t you think it’s embarrassing enough that a woman would face three men she had dated or maybe even went further than that, but for the men to call out what they saw in the woman as undesirable…. WOW. But, you know how television will draw out people for the showmanship. Anyway, one of the men said, “I had a problem with you because you cuss, talk too much and you have a dirty mouth and smoke.” Her response was defensive; coming back with something like, “Well what do you think about yourself? You think you’re so great?” He responded, “That’s why I couldn’t date you anymore, because whatever I said trying to help us get understanding better, you never listen, just talk too much.” All three said they would date her again??? Have you tried talking to someone about your feelings and how you experienced their response and the effect of their actions on the relationship and you got nowhere?

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