Dr. Jeanette Parker 

What are they doing now?! Tell the truth. Let’s take it from the top! There is war in the heavenlies…spiritual warfare..spiritual wars.

That’s what is really going on. You know he has a short time before he’s put away for 1,000 years. Our imaginations are limited. It is hard to even think of or consider that one third [1/3] of mankind [the human race] can be obliterated! But, it can happen! Many people refuse to believe it; but now it is being seen here and now on earth the real up close possibility of this taking place. We got the 27 year old Dictator Leader of North Korea who is building North Korea’s stokepile capacity of nuclear weapons to “nuke” everybody.

His enmity seems to be more directly pointed at the United States. He wants to blow up the whole world [looks like any way] and continues to progress toward that goal. I just wonder does the Dictator imagine that North Korea will go unscathed? Even the Pope said if North Korea’s goal is realized..if accomplished would take out one third of the human race. I do not want that to happen. I know that at some point in time in the future at the return of Christ, he will make all things new through the renovation of the heavens and the earth and He will put down all His enemies. It may sound like I’m talking religion, but I’m just telling the historical prophetic truth. If you believe in the prophets, extermination of God’s enemies will take place. If you don’t believe please seriously consider believing because we want to stop this terrible endeavor. I can see the nation cohorts joining together.

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