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My grandmother talked about West Bank and Gaza Strip. Remembering rekindled my interest hearing there are 193 United Nations …(read on) “The US put forth a first time resolution condemning Hamas, theIslamic terror group, which controls Gaza, failed to win the required two-thirds majority in the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday.

Before the vote on the resolution, the 193-member world body had narrowly voted to require a two-thirds majority for approval as sought by Arab nations for rather than the simple majority urged by the United States.

Before the vote U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told the assembly thatit could make history and unconditionally speak out against Hamas, which she called “one of the most obvious and grotesque cases of terrorism in the world.” What is so very interesting is that we can see the number of nations which do not support the U.S. and U.S. ideologies. To me, this is worthy of attention! Who is listening?

“What the U.N. chooses to do today (Nikki Haley) will speak volumes about each country’s seriousness when it comes to condemning anti-Semitism,” she said. “Because there is nothing more anti-Semitic than saying terrorism is not terrorism when it’s used against the Jewish people and the Jewish state.”

But the vote on the resolution to condemn Hamas was 87 in favor against 57 opposed, with 33 abstentions — a plurality but below the two-thirds requirement to adopt it. The vote to require a two-thirds majority was much closer, 75-72, with 26 abstentions and several countries changing their votes to “yes” at the last minute.Hamas officially thanked U.N. member states “that stood by our people’s resistance and the justice of their cause” and attacked Haley who it said “is known for her extremism and her positions that support the Zionist terrorism in Palestine.”

What is Hamas? Formation and Ideology. From late 1970s, Islamic activists connected with the pan-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood established a network of charities, clinics, and schools and became active in the territories (the Gaza Strip and West Bank) occupied by Israel after the 1967 Six-Day War.

In Gaza they were active in many mosques, while activities in the West Bank generally were limited to the universities. The Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in these areas were generally nonviolent, but a number of small groups in the occupied territories began to call for jihad, or holy war, against Israel.

In December 1987, beginning of Palestinian intifadah (Arabic intifāḍah, “shaking off”) uprising against Israeli occupation, Hamas (Arabic meaning “zeal”) (QUOTES:Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica)was established by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and religious factions of the PLO.

The new organization quickly acquired a broad following. Hamas’ 1988 chartermaintained that Palestine is an Islamic homeland that can never be surrendered to non-Muslims and that waging holy war to be (continued).

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