Golden State Warriors Steph Curry and Quinn Cook spent the end of practice today learning new plays with Harlem Globetrotter stars Lili “Champ” Thompson, Zeus McClurkin and Hammer Harrison.  The two teams, whose style of basketball and winning ways are often compared, showcased Curry participating in a 3-man weave and Quinn making a 4-point shot.

The Globetrotters are in the Bay Area for early preparation of six games at Oracle Arena and SAP Center at San Jose from Jan. 12-21.  A full schedule of games throughout their new Fan Powered World Tour is available at

Lili (pronounced Lee-Lee) Thompson, nicknamed “Champ,” officially joined the world-famous team in October of 2018.  As an undergrad, she was a three-year starter on the women’s basketball team at Stanford University and was part of the National Championship team at Notre Dame while earning her master’s degree in 2018.

Starting in early 2017, the Globetrotters debuted basketball’s first-ever 4-point line, which is located 30 feet from the basket – 6 feet, 3 inches beyond the top of the NBA’s current 3-point line.  Last year, Klay Thompson stated that the 4-point line would “really on benefit (the Warriors).”