Earl “Skip” Cooper II at the White House. (File photo)

Hundreds of people gathered at the California Science Center on August 20 to salute Earl “Skip” Cooper II, who retired after serving decades as the president/CEO of the Black Business Association of Los Angeles.

Under his leadership, African American companies of all sizes thrived and developed strong relationships with corporate 500 firms and key legislators throughout the nation. Cooper’s exceptional management skills led to BBA’s reputation as an influencer of policy decisions impacting African American companies of all sizes.

While he’ll remain involved with the organization as the chairman of the BBA Board of Directors, don’t expect Cooper to sit back and relax. Instead, prepare to see him continuing to fulfill his “special purpose,” which is serving others.

“I am making a complete pivot by launching the Earl ‘Skip’ Cooper II Foundation,” explained the longtime executive.



“This foundation will allow me to carry out my ‘special purpose’ by serving humanity in the way that God has allowed me to by teaching and exposing people to various spiritual and practical principles to help them succeed in life,” said Cooper.

He has a special affinity for young people and plans to offer programs through the foundation that will aid youth in realizing their dreams. His goals include providing instruction in topics ranging from financing property purchases to being a social justice advocate to securing inner peace to becoming a servant-leader.

Sharing with the Sentinel earlier this year, Cooper stated, “Our future is young people and we have to do all that we can to develop young people and help them take advantage of new opportunities.”

Cooper and Danny J. Bakewell, Sr. (Courtesy photo)

While much of his energy will focus on strengthening the Earl ‘Skip’ Cooper II Foundation, he still intends to lend his time and talents to BBA. With Sarah Harris now leading the heralded nonprofit, Cooper said that he’s expecting her to take BBA to the next level.

“Under Sarah, the organization is moving to doing new things and she is doing a fantastic job in the president/CEO. She’s dedicated and a visionary that will help the Black Business Association to soar,” he noted.

“As for me, I’ll do like Danny Bakewell, Sr., and always seek ways to serve humanity!”