“The Contender” host Andre Ward hands boxer Brandon Adams the championship belt (photo by Michael Becker)

The boxing competition series “The Contender” concluded its fifth season with a live boxing Championship match at the Forum in Inglewood. Among the 16 fighters featured in the show, Los Angeles native Brandon “The Cannon” Adams and Shane “Sugarman” Mosley Jr. battled for the finale crown with Adams reigning victorious.

Not only does Adams win $250,000 in prize money, but he also earned a top 10 ranking in the World Boxing Association (WBA). This allows Adams to battle in a boxing match to win the WBA title.

The 10-round finale match started slowly with the competitive spirit and skills of the boxers revving up in later rounds. Adams delivered several hits to the head throughout the match, but it did not wane the tenacious fighters spirit of Mosley.

“he came out and he fought real hard,” Adams said, “I know that [Mosley jr.] wanted to prove to me that he was a better Shane.”

Acclaimed trainer Naazim Richardson coached Mosley Jr. through the title bout. He warned Mosley Jr. of Adams’ strength but understood that the boxer’s own mentality and comments from naysayers were also stumbling blocks for him.

Brandon Adams was awarded $250,000 for winning “The Contender” title (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“[Mosley Jr.] trusts the tough guy in him, he doesn’t trust his skills, so you really have to get on him to stay on his skills,” Richardson said. “I knew wat worked against him was the public: “Shane is so soft,” I tell him “let them think you’re soft.”

Olympian and boxing champion Andre Ward was the host of the boxing competition. Ward praised the toughness of Mosley Jr. and the skills of Adams.

“it’s just a culmination of what [Adams] has done throughout the course of this show,” Ward said.

Adams’ victory came off of a three-year hiatus from boxing. His last fight before the Contender series was a TKO loss against fellow contestant John Thompson; they were battling in the interim WBA-NABA Super Welterweight Title fight in 2015 in Corona, CA.

Adams is currently ranked ninth in the middleweight division. After 23 fights, he executed 13 KO’s

Mosley Jr. made his debut in 2014 with a KO victory over Mark Cordova. Since then, the Pomona native became ranked 112th in the world. The Contender title match marked his third loss out of 14 fights. Mosley Jr. is unbothered by spectators when they compare him to his father, legendary boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

Shane Mosley Jr. was coached by renowned trainer Naazim Richardson throughout the season (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

“Of course everybody’s gonna compare me or whatever, but that’s not for me that’s for everybody else,” Mosley Jr. said. “But my view is to become the world champion.”

Prior to the title bout, 10 other contestants from “The Contender” were able to battle in five matches in the Forum. In the Co-main event, Eric “Babyface Assassin” Walker beat Michael “The Silverback Moore after eight rounds. Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson opened the event by earning his 27th  victory. Young fighter Gerald “G5” Sherrell defeated veteran Morgan “Big Chief” Fitch.

Ievgen Khytrov defeated Malcolm “The Punisher” McAllister with a KO in four rounds and Marcos “Mad Man” Hernandez won against Quantavious “Cash” Cash.