Rodney Potts (Courtesy photo)

The word of God is impactfully dramatized in “Genesis..From Creation to Christ,” a stage play written and directed by Rodney Potts.

The multifaceted production depicts well-known Bible stories through the mediums of film, dance, music, animation, and drama. Further enhancing the presentation are singers, dancers, actors and musicians serving as cast members.

Potts recently presented “Genesis” at Atherton Baptist Church in Hawthorne where he serves as minister of music as well as music and arts director under the leadership of Pastor Larry D. Weaver. Weaver and Potts, who served as executive producers for the play, witnessed packed audiences viewing the mesmerizing show.

“The stories in the Bible are just as exciting are just as dramatic as anything that Hollywood can put out,” said Potts, the author of three plays with Christian themes.

“My first play is called ‘The Cross’ and it is the story of Jesus’ life between Palm Sunday and resurrection.  It’s also a musical and there’s songs and dancing to guide the story,” he explained.

“The next production that I have is called ‘Revelation,’ which is about two young ladies who are lukewarm Christians and think that they’re doing something for the Lord by attending church, but they go to the bar after service.

Erica Fears as Eve and Howard Broadnax as the serpent in “Genesis.” (Courtesy photo)

“Then the rapture happens when they’re leaving the bar, and the story becomes what happens to them because obviously they’re left behind.”

Careful not to give too much of the plot away since he plans to present “Revelation” in the future, Potts shared that the play goes on to cover the struggles the women deal with, their encounter with the anti-Christ, and other challenges the women overcome before the faith is solidified.

“So ‘Revelation’ is an admonishment for people to really become serious about their Christianity because if you know the book of Revelation, the saints that do not take the mark [of the beast] have to give their lives. These two characters end up having to give their lives and at the end, you see them in heaven actually meeting the Lord,” he said.

Potts’ presentation of Bible stories through his plays captivates audiences as he seamlessly weaves in scripture with skilled actors, talented singers, gifted musicians, and imaginative set designs.  Viewers are also entertained and educated by the film and animated segments that he inserts into each production.

The ensemble cast depicts the birth of Jesus Christ with Alexandra Diaz as Mary, center, and Michael Corey Clayter as Joseph during the production at Atherton Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Larry D. Weaver. (Courtesy photo)

The range of Potts creativity is no surprise considering his background.  He started playing for churches at the age of 13 and was mentored by excellent pianists and organists who he recalled “built my confidence as I kind of grew in my ability to play.”

“I grew up in a Baptist church and I’ve had the experience of playing for an AME church, COGIC churches, Seventh Day Adventist and now I’m back at a Baptist church where I’ve been the minister of music here at Atherton for 18 years,” Potts said.

As for the future, Potts aims to take his plays to the next level by staging them at the Redondo Beach Playhouse or the YouTube Theater in Inglewood.  Since those venues will likely require considerable financing, he will also investigate corporate sponsorship and other backers.

At the same time, Potts will continue giving his best to the Lord.

“Whatever I do, I want to do it with excellence.  Our pastor has really driven into us that whatever we do, we do it with excellence,” he shared.

“We have to do is our very best and make sure that we are offering God the very best that we have.”