Rev. Fred Price, Jr. (Crenshaw Christian Center photo)

After a yearlong absence, the Rev. Fred Price, Jr., will return July 1, as the lead pastor of the famed Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC).

He resigned as spiritual leader of the international ministry in June 2017 citing “serious personal misjudgments” as the reason. While CCC continued to thrive under founders Apostle Frederick and Dr. Betty Price, many anxiously wondered when or if Price Jr. would reappear.

Clearly, his reemergence is welcomed by CCC members, who responded with wild applause and shouts of joy upon hearing the announcement on June 17, that Price Jr. would resume pastoral leadership.

“Our church can’t wait until he comes back,” said Dr. Betty Price.  “They are so excited that they don’t know what to do.  They really clapped hard when we reported that he would be back.  They love their little pastor!”

The overwhelming love expressed by the congregation, along with his family, both comforted, encouraged and strengthened Price Jr. during his absence, which he referred to last year as “a period of restoration” that included “attending service every Sunday for the next year so that I can hear the Word and be restored in order to fulfill the call of my life to ministry.”

Expounding further on Price Jr.’s restoration, Dr. Betty said, “He’s always been great in the Word – he just has that kind of head – but his personal things he needed to work on.  He just wanted to take the time to take care of himself and do something to build himself back up.  He just wants to be right in all of his ways.  He’s done all of the things that he felt he needed to do to get correction for himself.”

Comparing the Christian life as a type of warfare, Dr. Betty noted that when people have been injured in war, a key part of the restoration process is taking the time to heal.

“If person gets hurt in the Army, you can’t [keep fighting] and you’re hurt.  You’ve got to off the battlefield until you are healed. You can live the best life you can, but if you get hurt, you stop awhile and get your life back together and that’s what he (Price Jr.) feels like he’s done now,” she said.

Health and strength will be among the attributes needed as Price Jr. resumes the helm of CCC, a worldwide ministry headquartered on 32 acres in the city’s Vermont Knolls district. Founded in 1973 by his father, Apostle Price, the church boasts thousands of members, multiple schools, the massive Faithdome sanctuary and CCC New York.  Also, millions of followers are exposed to the ministry through books, radio, TV, live streaming and social media.

With his return as pastor, Price Jr. plans to expand his father’s legacy by renewing emphasis on taking CCC to the next level.  “I see this ministry as a hub and epicenter for the surrounding community which I’d like to engage more than Crenshaw Christian Center ever engaged,” he said in a 2017 L.A. Sentinel interview, where he shared his vision for creating disciples of Christ, utilizing and maximizing technology to its fullest, and building bridges among millennials, baby boomers and Latinos.

And those plans haven’t changed, according to Dr. Betty, who insisted, “Yes, he will focus on those areas because he definitely believes in that for the church and that’s what the church should interested in.”

Believing the congregation and community will embrace Price Jr.’s return, she added, “A lot of people love him, so his return is a blessing!”

Crenshaw Christian Center is located at 7901 S. Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. To learn more, visit