Peter $un is knocking on the doors of nirvana, a blissful state of self-actualization depicted in his latest album, “Phone Calls Give Me Anxiety.” (Courtesy of Peter $un)


Virginia-native, Los Angeles local, Peter $un is knocking on the doors of nirvana, a blissful state of self-actualization depicted in his latest album, “Phone Calls Give Me Anxiety.” The Los Angeles Sentinel had an exclusive interview with Peter $un to discuss his harmonious talent, creative process, and the success he envisions in the future.

“I would categorize my music as new-age neo soul, with a splash of funk and new elements from trap and hip-hop,” Peter $un shared that he gravitated towards sound from older artists from the r&b, and Jazz genres. “When I was growing up my dad use to play jazz music at the house—with just the instrumentation, no lyrics. No words. Just straight up instruments,” Peter $un said. He credits his love for music through that wordless format of sound. His mother would surround him with musical vibrations from Barry White and Luther Vandross.

Also known as Scumbaby, Peter $un has embraced his life as it continues to unfold; this includes the detoured process to success and opportunities for growth. Peter $un remains authentic down to his way of creating music “I try to do something that involves music everyday—I might not be recording music every day, but I’m always studying, being a student of music and listening to new artists …trying to see how they sequence things,”said Peter $un.

(Courtesy of Peter $un)

He continued, “I don’t write and record every single day—I don’t think that’s realistic. I’m the type of person that likes to say things that matter—make a song that mean something.” Peter $un admitted to his creative process is consistently evolving.

Peter $un has a voice that commands attention, reeling the listener to his lyrics. When each syllable bounces of the beat and ricochets into one’s eardrum—the story of his life passes through and resonates with the soul. “The hardest part to finding my style has been is showing other people what my style is…the way my music sounds—it’s like new-age neo-soul, but not—you know, it still has that bounce to it,” Peter $un said.

Pulling from the likes of Slum village and the Soulquarius tribe, Peter $un was influenced by the intoxicating affair between grit and sultry rhythms, that are now present in his own music.

“I want to be known for being me—being genuine and giving real artistry to the world, and for giving meaning to the people and standing for something…and also my personality, my melodies, my cadences and my writing,” said Peter $un.

The song, “Metamorphosis (Butterfly)” found on the EP, “Phone Calls Give Me Anxiety,” has transcending melodies that carry one to rhythmic dimension of bliss and joy. Although there are positive notes, it speaks of the endurance of transforming oneself, and the external change of friends and loved ones in Peter $un’s life.

Just Know,” is supercharged with feel-good synthetic harmonies and heartbeat drum creates a tribal surge to synchronize one’s body to follow. The lyrics were meant to comfort his son, “Just know, that I still love you, I love you, I love you…”

Out of all of the songs in his catalogue, Peter $un resonates with “You Smell like the Color Yellow,” and “Love Drunk Lust.”  Peter $un stated, “Those were the most jazzy, soulful, records that I feel like I grew up on—there the closest to something that I was listening to in my house when I was young.”

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