Peachanda DuBose has written, directed, and self-produced over 18 individual projects. (Delaram Photography)


The award-winning writer, director and playwright has a Residency at the Hudson Theatres, launched a film festival, and has three films in consideration for major awards

Peachanda DuBose is a woman who wears many hats. Born in Wilmington, Delaware, and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, DuBose is a filmmaker, playwright, director, producer, author, poet, humanitarian and activist.

Though DuBose began writing poetry as a child, it wasn’t until she became an adult that she realized she had a gift.

“A friend of mine encouraged me to pursue it seriously. A couple years after that conversation, I wrote and self-published my first book of poetry,” she stated. In 2007, the playwright wrote her first volume of poetry titled, “Reflections of Me,” and her first play, “Surrender” in 2009.

Writing did not became a serious passion of DuBose’s until she wrote her first play at 35-years-old. It was in this moment where she realized that she could change and inspire lives through “her pen.”

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As she explained, “Inspiration is all around us, all you have to do is pay attention.” To DuBose, this approach is  “astronomical” and very true when it comes to writing.

“Everything you need to write, is literally around you,” she emphasized. A good story, in her opinion, is one that people can relate to.

“It’s really that simple,” she stressed. “Outside of that basic principle, the right execution is crucial.”

DuBose’s passion and drive has led her to accomplish amazing things, including having written, directed, and self-produced over 18 individual projects in both theatre and film. Her acclaimed piece, “Ferguson – The Musical,” has been nominated for three NAACP Theatre Award Nominations, with one win for “Best Choreography” in 2018 and two Stiletto Awards, also in 2018 for “Best Playwright” and “Best Musical” from the National Association of Women in the Arts. The musical has also toured internationally in 2017.

In 2020, DuBose made history by being the first writer/director to land a residency at the Hudson Theatres. The facility is located on Hollywood’s theatre row and features weekly performances of pieces that are written, directed, and produced by her. DuBose established a long standing relationship with the Hudson, which led her to come to them with her vision, and as she stated, “history happened.” Landing residency at the Hudson is one of DuBose’s proudest accomplishments of her career.

“To have made history in a land I’m not from is something I could never put into words,” she emphasized.

“Diabolical,” “All That She Knew,” and “Bus Stop” are in consideration for nomination of the NAACP Image Awards, HBO Short Film Award, and Future Filmmaker Awards. (Peachanda DuBose)

The list of endeavors did not stop there. The filmmaker also launched the PEACH Theatre & Film International Festival in 2022. The event merges the arts of theatre and film. Filmmakers are welcome to submit their film and/or play to be featured.

The festival was created due to DuBose’s bad experiences with the film festival circuit. She told the Sentinel that as she began to embrace the film industry, she underwent unpleasant experiences.

“As a playwright, director, producer and filmmaker, I understand and appreciate what it takes to conceive, mount, and complete a project, and the deep sacrifices that come along with it,” she explained. “My goal is the change the trajectory of the theatre and film festival experience, with integrity, morale and celebration.”

To date, there is no other woman (of any race) who owns her own platform, streaming content written, directed, and produced solely by herself.

Three of her films – “Diabolical” for NAACP Image Award, “Bus Stop” for the Future Filmmaker Award by Sony Pictures, and “All That She Knew” for an HBO Short Film Award – are in consideration for major awards. DuBose told the Sentinel that it is a “full circle moment” to have her work and talents be acknowledged. She called it “extremely rewarding” to be in this position when she has given her absolute best with all of her projects.

DuBose has a lot in store for 2023. Her first documentary, “Unbreakable Chane,” goes into production this month, as well as her first animated short film, “Trounce,” is set to be released this year. An additional feature film (non disclosed) and the 2nd Annual Peach Theatre & Film International Festival will take place this year.

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