Pastor Michael Amey teaches during the Jan. 15 worship at Crenshaw Christian Center. (CCC)

50th anniversary celebration includes a faith applied surprise

Faith begets faith. So, it was as homegrown son, Pastor Michael Amey, served as Crenshaw Christian Center’s (CCC) Sunday, January 15th guest speaker as part of the ministry’s yearlong jubilee.

Pastor Michael and his wife, Lady Tanya, affectionately known as “Pastor Mike and Lady T” are the founders of Experience Koi Global in Namibia, South Africa. Both were born and raised at CCC and are living testimonies of faith in action. Pastor Mike is faith manifested as his parents, Dennis and Viola, believed God amid a struggle to conceive their second child. They attended a service where Apostle Price prayed for couples unable to conceive, and they came forward. At home, they set an extra plate at the dining table in expectation. Within a year, they conceived, and Michael, who was both baptized and ordained as a pastor by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, has come full circle — teaching in the pulpit of CCC.

Pastor Mike Amey Presenting Custom Art Gift of Thanks. (CCC photo)

Pastor Mike began his message by giving thanks for the opportunity and presenting a custom art piece to convey how the ministry’s message of faith has transformed the continent of Africa. He stated, “Every place we go, everyone knows Dr. Price.” He continued, “You are the result of someone who took a step of faith. Dr. Price took a step of faith and opened the door for others to walk through, and he gave us powerful revelation. Legacy is built on revelation and to have victory you must apply the revelation.”

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Pastor Mike recalled several moments, from childhood to adulthood, sharing that he learned a lot from the ministry, including the word of God, how to worship, how to read the bible, and how to study the bible. Children’s church taught adept personal accountability as a misadventure resulted in being placed on the stage. Yet, this too served as a lesson with creative reframing and negotiation skills at work when his Dad came to retrieve him.

Years later, Pastor Mike, who graduated from Hamilton High and Clark Atlanta, worked in the CCC bookstore, where Apostle Price’s messages played in the background. He served as an Event Coordinator for CCC’s Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), and when he received the call to ministry, he was sent to Africa where this March marks his twelfth year.

From left are Pastor Mike and Lady Tanya Amey, Dr. Betty Price and Lady Angel and Pastor Fred Price. (CCC photo)

Pastor Mike shared how Africa required him and Lady T to hear and perceive differently. The assignment challenged and stretched their faith. They were intentional about absorbing the culture, people, and happenings. They were informed that over 50% of the continent was under the age of 19. They pivoted their approach to meet people where they were. They had to learn different things — something Apostle Price taught — the importance of continuous learning.

Many more examples abounded of how The Ameys applied and stretched their faith. They were working on a building project when they read an article stating that 53% of the nation of Namibia is food insecure. They paused the building effort, as they wanted to be a solution to this problem. They shifted their focus to acquiring a 50-acre farm. This would allow for the sale of harvests to stores, using the profit for the building project, while providing food to those in need. They had no idea how the $25,000 parcel would become theirs yet, like their parents, they believe God.

More faith-lived examples were shared, with reminders not to forget what God has done, including past victories. With the title, “We’re still that church,” Pastor Mike concluded with how CCC is still the church who birthed so many positive efforts. He named several: Toy Giveaways, Pray LA, Global Summit, Concert with Kenny G, Helen Baylor Live in the FaithDome, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program (ADAP), Community Outreach Program (COP), Community Clean-ups. He added, “We believed God to build the FaithDome, parking structure, Youth Activity Center (YAC), and to give $1 million to missions. We’re still that church, and we accomplished all of this by faith! There’s tension between history and the future, and this must be okay. It’s my past that gives me direction for my future. This is still us, and we gon’ be alright!”

Members of the Amey and Byndon families. (CCC photo)

After his close, Pastor Fred Price shared remarks about Pastor Mike, stating, “I’m proud of you. I love you. I remember the bible studies you taught, and I remember saying ‘where’d this dude get all of this stuff from?’ Clearly, like me, you were here soaking it all up. Today, we saw evidence of this. Thank you so much!” Pastor Fred then thanked Lady T, the Ameys and the Byndons (Tanya’s parents and extended family) being present to celebrate the occasion. He went on to state that the ministry will take care of the farm — to which the congregation exulted.

The legacy of faith continues. Find Sunday’s full message on YouTube at Join us on February 26th when daughter of the ministry, Apostle Beverly “BAM” Crawford, delivers the next 50th anniversary message.