Photo from the movie Everything but the Man. (Courtesy Photo)


Who needs Lifetime? Go to the Pan African Film Festival, the place for Urban Love stories and drama just how we like it.

The Pan African Film Festival is in full swing and the ultimate place for girl flicks. If you love drama and love stories the rooster of movies to choose from will not disappoint. Tackling subject matters beyond the usual drama, from prison love to cross continent love they’ve got it. The diversity of love stories is refreshing, that we may see ourselves in a positive, complex, comedic, entrepreneurial and loving way.

You’ve already missed some great films like Couples Night a love comedy about a husband and wife who move to Washington from Wisconsin. It’s a country-mice-meet-the-big-city story that follows the pair as they try to navigate the kinetic D.C. scene with its high-powered couples and high expectations. Stars Tony Rock, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Charles Malik Whitfield and Denise Boutte and Clifton Powell.

Another favorite was Everything But a Man about a sexy, smart, successful and still single woman. The movie explores the paradox modern career women face, having to think and act like a man in the work world, but still be expected to behave like “a lady” in order to keep a man. Things heat up for her when she meets a handsome, mysterious man from another culture. But his radical lifestyle differences threaten to shake up her world and challenge her beliefs on love, relationships and what it means to be a “strong” woman. Race, class, gender and culture all clash in this unconventional romantic comedy-drama. Stars Monica Calhoun, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Camille Winbush.

If you love periodic love stories then you missed Scent of Oak, set in early 19th-century Cuba, a free Black woman and her German lover challenge the taboos and power structure when they establish a coffee plantation free from the cruelty and inhumanity of the slave system.

Finally you have Media, if you missed it you’re in luck you can catch it on TV One. It centers around a wealthy family dynasty that will stop at nothing to keep their status and position in the communication industry.

The experience of the Festival infuses African culture, lectures and the bests in arts. You never know who will show up from the cast as you allow the movies to take you away from reality into the world written by some of the best up and coming screen play writers, directors and actors.  With this being the last weekend of the Festival we pulled together a list of Love stories that will satisfy your drama cravings and love itch.

90 Days

Taylor is preparing for a date with his girlfriend, Jessica, to celebrate three months of dating. They have waited ninety days to have sex because they both agreed that sex gets in the way of truly getting to know your partner. Still, Taylor is sure that Jessica is the woman for him and intends to propose marriage. His best friend, Qwynn, thinks that he is crazy and encourages him to wait until after their relationship has been consummated when he knows more about her. Undeterred, Taylor has the ring and heads to Jessica’s for their dinner and to propose. Confronted with a case of cold feet, Taylor calls his no-nonsense mother who reassures him that he is not moving too fast and that Jessica is a wonderful woman. All is well, until Jessica reveals the true reason why she asked to wait ninety days.

Showtime: Sun, Feb19@4:00p

A Good Catholic Girl

Amina is attracted to a young Catholic man in her neighborhood and this does not go down well with her father. With mixed emotions, she goes out of her way to find her only true love despite her father’s pre-arranged marriage to another man.

Showtime: Sat Feb18@8:15p


Happiness constantly eludes a woman, whom at various stages in her life, happiness means different things. A modern day silent film, the entire feature is presented without dialogue. However the film does not follow the tradition of the silent film era, where films are often mute or pantomimed, and actions often exaggerated. This film is neither! The protagonist, Queen, has a clearly defined goal – find happiness. Her journey is without words, but never without sound – every other sound (emotion or ambiance) helps tell the story, and every visual is motivated. Other characters in the story and their quest, are presented in a similar fashion, and whether they accomplish their goals or not, is merely subjective.

Showtime: Thu, Feb16@6:45p; Mon, Feb20@12:45p


Joseph, the son of an Ethiopian politician, is left to fend for himself when his father is jailed and his relatives abandon him. But Joseph is resilient and hard working and struggles through many challenges, including the loss of his first love when her family moves to the US. When he wins a lottery allowing him to immigrate to the US, he is determined to find his lost love.

Showtime: Thu, Feb16@3:30p

Okafor’s Law

Chuks is an ardent player with the ladies. He enjoys the attention of women, including girlfriends from the past. He believes that once a man has had a woman, he forever has access to her. When challenged by his friends to see if he can prove the universality of that theory with three ex-girlfriends from his school days within six weeks, he accepts it. Turning on his best charm, he sets off to try and prove himself, but his quest brings him to three women, Ifeoma (Ify), Tomi and Ejiro, whose situations in life have changed drastically since school days. This challenge of their various new statuses makes his quest to win the bet more and more insurmountable as he tries to prove the immutability of the age-old OKAFOR’S Law.

Showtime: Mon, Feb20@7:50p

The Preacher’s Son

Bishop T.K. Wilson, his wife and two children are a respectable family in their community. Yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations and son Dante has thoughts other than taking over his father’s church. Stars Christian Keyes, Clifton Powell, Valarie Pettiford, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Jaleel White, Drew Sidora, Kellita Smith.

Showtime: Sun, Feb 19@8:00p; Sun, Feb 19@8:30p

For more information about the Pann African Film Festival events and showtimes visit www.paff.org