UCLA’s Kris Wilkes dunks during the first half of the team’s NCAA college basketball game against Arizona in the semifinals of the Pac-12 men’s tournament Friday, March 9, 2018, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
One hundred players have notified the NBA that they wish to be removed from the list of “early entry” players eligible for selection in the 2018 NBA Draft presented by State Farm.  Following the NBA’s early entry withdrawal deadline of 5 p.m. ET on June 11, 2018, a comprehensive release will be distributed listing the additional players who provided the NBA with timely notice that they wish to be removed from the list of “early entry” players eligible for selection in the 2018 NBA Draft.
The following 100 players have withdrawn their names from consideration for the 2018 NBA Draft:
Player                                                   School                                                   Height                   Status
Esa Ahmad                                           West Virginia                                        6-8                          Junior
Udoka Azubuike                                  Kansas                                                   7-0                          Sophomore
Sedrick Barefield                                 Utah                                                       6-2                          Junior
Tyus Battle                                           Syracuse                                                6-6                          Sophomore
Lamonte Bearden                               Western Kentucky                              6-3                          Junior
Ky Bowman                                         Boston College                                     6-1                          Sophomore
Barry Brown Jr.                                    Kansas State                                         6-3                          Junior
Bryce Brown                                        Auburn                                                  6-3                          Junior
C.J. Burks                                             Marshall                                                6-4                          Junior
Jordan Caroline                                    Nevada                                                  6-7                          Junior    
Haanif Cheatham                                FGCU                                                     6-5                          Junior
Yoeli Childs                                          BYU                                                       6-8                          Sophomore
Chris Clemons                                     Campbell                                              5-9                          Junior
Tyler Cook                                           Iowa                                                       6-9                          Sophomore
Isaac Copeland Jr.                               Nebraska                                               6-9                          Junior
Mike Daum                                          South Dakota State                             6-9                          Junior
Jon Davis                                              Charlotte                                               6-3                          Junior
Jordan Davis                                         Northern Colorado                              6-2                          Junior
Shawntrez Davis                                  Bethune-Cookman                             6-9                          Junior
Terence Davis                                      Mississippi                                             6-4                          Junior
Noah Dickerson                                   Washington                                          6-8                          Junior
Torin Dorn                                            North Carolina State                           6-5                          Junior
Nojel Eastern                                       Purdue                                                   6-6                          Freshman
Carsen Edwards                                   Purdue                                                   6-1                          Sophomore
Jon Elmore                                            Marshall                                                6-3                          Junior
Bruno Fernando                                  Maryland                                              6-10                        Freshman
Dextor Foster                                        ASA College (FL)                               6-5                          Junior
Jarrey Foster                                         SMU                                                       6-6                          Junior
Robert Franks Jr.                                  Washington State                                6-7                          Junior
Eugene German                                   Northern Illinois                                   6-0                          Sophomore
Admon Gilder                                       Texas A&M                                          6-4                          Junior
Michael Gilmore                                  FGCU                                                     6-10                        Junior
Jessie Govan                                        Georgetown                                          6-10                        Junior
Tyler Hall                                              Montana State                                     6-4                          Junior
Jaylen Hands                                        UCLA                                                    6-3                          Freshman
Zach Hankins                                       Ferris State                                           6-10                        Junior
Ethan Happ                                          Wisconsin                                              6-10                        Junior
Jared Harper                                         Auburn                                                  5-10                        Sophomore
Mustapha Heron                                 Auburn                                                  6-5                          Sophomore
Malik Hines                                          Massachusetts                                     6-10                        Junior
Jalen Hudson                                       Florida                                                   6-6                          Junior
Dewan Huell                                         Miami                                                    6-11                        Sophomore
Tramaine Isabell Jr.                             Drexel                                                    6-1                          Junior
Justin James                                         Wyoming                                              6-7                          Junior
Zach Johnson                                       FGCU                                                     6-2                          Junior
Christian Keeling                                 Charleston Southern                           6-4                          Sophomore
Sagaba Konate                                    West Virginia                                        6-8                          Sophomore
Kalob Ledoux                                      McNeese State                                     6-3                          Sophomore
Abdul Lewis                                         NJIT                                                       6-10                        Junior
Victor Lewis II                                    West Texas A&M                                6-3                          Junior
Dominic Magee                                   Southern Mississippi                           6-4                          Junior
Fletcher Magee                                    Wofford                                                6-4                          Junior
Caleb Martin                                        Nevada                                                  6-7                          Junior
Cody Martin                                         Nevada                                                  6-7                          Junior
Malik Martin                                        South Florida                                        6-11                        Junior
Zane Martin                                          Towson                                                  6-4                          Sophomore
Charles Matthews                               Michigan                                               6-6                          Sophomore
Luke Maye                                           North Carolina                                     6-8                          Junior
Jalen McDaniels                                  San Diego State                                   6-10                        Freshman
Markis McDuffie                                 Wichita State                                       6-8                          Junior
Christian Mekowulu                           Tennessee State                                   6-9                          Junior
Aaron Menzies                                     Seattle                                                    7-3                          Junior
Shelton Mitchell                                   Clemson                                                6-3                          Junior
Takal Molson                                       Canisius                                                 6-5                          Freshman
Juwan Morgan                                     Indiana                                                  6-8                          Junior
Matt Morgan                                        Cornell                                                   6-3                          Junior
Isaiah Moss                                          Iowa                                                       6-5                          Sophomore
Travis Munnings                                  Louisiana-Monroe                              6-6                          Junior
Jordan Murdock                                  Friends University                               6-4                          Junior
Ray Ona Embo                                    Tulane                                                   6-5                          Sophomore
James Palmer Jr.                                  Nebraska                                               6-6                          Junior    
Keanu Peters                                         Salt Lake CC (UT)                               6-2                          Sophomore          
Lamar Peters                                        Mississippi State                                 6-0                          Sophomore
Jalon Pipkins                                        Cal State-Northridge                           6-4                          Freshman
Shamorie Ponds                                   St. John’s                                              6-1                          Sophomore
Jontay Porter                                        Missouri                                                 6-11                        Freshman
Marcquise Reed                                   Clemson                                                6-3                          Junior
Isaiah Reese                                         Canisius                                                 6-5                          Sophomore
Cody Riley                                            UCLA                                                    6-10                        Freshman
Kerwin Roach II                                  Texas                                                     6-4                          Junior
Ahmaad Rorie                                      Montana                                               6-1                          Junior
Quinton Rose                                       Temple                                                  6-8                          Sophomore
Admiral Schofield                               Tennessee                                             6-5                          Junior
Ronshad Shabazz                                Appalachian State                               6-5                          Junior
Chris Silva                                            South Carolina                                     6-9                          Junior
Deshon Taylor                                     Fresno State                                         6-2                          Junior
Reid Travis                                           Stanford                                                6-8                          Junior
Lagerald Vick                                       Kansas                                                   6-5                          Junior
Christian Vital                                      Connecticut                                          6-2                          Sophomore          
Jaylin Walker                                       Kent State                                             6-1                          Junior
Nick Ward                                            Michigan State                                    6-8                          Sophomore
PJ Washington                                     Kentucky                                              6-7                          Freshman             
Tremont Waters                                   LSU                                                        5-11                        Freshman
Quinndary Weatherspoon                  Mississippi State                                 6-4                          Junior
Andrien White                                      Charlotte                                               6-3                          Junior
Demajeo Wiggins                                 Bowling Green                                     6-10                        Junior
Lindell Wigginton                                Iowa State                                             6-2                          Freshman
Austin Wiley                                         Auburn                                                  6-11                        Freshman
Kris Wilkes                                           UCLA                                                    6-8                          Freshman
Justin Wright-Foreman                       Hofstra                                                  6-1                          Junior