OBX Beauty opened up their first pop-up shop of the year at Santa Monica Place in Los Angeles. (Courtesy Photo)

February 25-27 brought the opening of OGX’s first pop-up in Los Angeles, “Love Labs”, at Santa Monica Place.

The first consumer event for the brand in 2022, Love Labs provided a two-day, exploratory opportunity to bring fans “into the lab” to learn about OGX’s ingredient innovations, while creating a safe space where all can embrace loving their hair.

Through educational and instagrammable installations, consumers discovered OGX’s extensive portfolio, learned about their premium formulas made with high-quality ingredients, examined hair science experiments that show why OGX formulas are superior. Free samples were also provided.

An event designed to love and learn what’s best for your hair, this colorful pop-up featured two unique spaces: One side where attendees could “learn it”, diving deeper into OBX’s unique formulas, and another side where one could “love it”, and head into their GIF faux shower for pictures.

A bike partnership with Joyride, a bike service nearby Santa Monica Pier, was also done by OGX as way to steer local awareness of the pop-up event.

“Love it” or “Learn It”: Attendees had the opportunity to learn about OGX’s products, and then see for themselves what makes the brand so great. (Courtesy Photo)

“OGX is a brand that is loved and well known for our salon-worthy results and sensorial shower experiences. This event gives consumers a much closer look on what’s under the cap,” a member of OGX’s PR team told the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Love Labs was a fun, explorative way for members of the Los Angeles community to come together and celebrate the diversities in all hair types. OGX Beauty has made it their mission to make sure all have haircare products that not only give them the look they want but replenish and nourish it while doing so.

Members of the community who attended the event took time to share their experience with OGX products, and how they feel it cultivates to black hair.

“The products are extremely diverse. OGX has genuinely made a strong effort to be inclusive with different hair types and textures,” an OGX scientist said during the event.

OGX Beauty Scientist helped guest decide which product would work for them. (Courtesy Photo)

“OGX’s products are affordable, safe, and great on my hair,” An attendee of the Love Labs enthused. “The Refreshing Scalp Tee Tree Mint conditioner and shampoo are products I use almost every week. I’m also in love with their Moroccan oil.”

OGX Beauty stands on a promise to “champion inclusivity by celebrating, hiring, and building products for all ethnicities, genders, ages, and styles”. The brand has a team of scientist constantly working on new and innovative ideas to make the product better.

OGX Beauty is devoted to making sure their products have innovative ingredients and formulas fueled with love, allowing users to put their best hair forward. They encourage all people to love their natural hair and believe they have created products allowing anyone to do so.

Questions about which product is best for you can be done on a quiz through the site website. You can find OGX Beauty products at any local retailer near you. More information on future Love Labs and OGX Beauty products can be found https://www.ogxbeauty.com.


(Courtesy Photo)