LAX officials hope that new kiosks where passengers can be identified through fingerprints and eye scans will help speed up security lines. (photo courtesy of

A company specializing in biometric identification through fingerprints or eye scans has opened kiosks at Los Angeles International Airport, where officials hope the addition will help speed up security lines.

The installation of CLEAR pods at all LAX terminals make it the 22nd airport to have voluntary biometric identification available.

“With CLEAR as an added benefit at LAX, we continue to improve the LAX guest experience by offering choices that help travelers save time,” Los Angeles World Airports CEO Deborah Flint said. “They will benefit from the freedom to enjoy shopping, dining options, as well as other guests amenities beyond security screening.”

CLEAR has a three-step sign-up process that the company says takes less than five minutes and digitally authenticates a person’s driver’s license or passport, confirms their identity, and then creates a biometric account.

By using the system, CLEAR speeds members through the line for ID check and straight to the screening line.

LAX said new members who enroll at the airport will receive a one-month free trial and can use CLEAR immediately. The cost is $15 per month after the free trial.

“We are thrilled to bring CLEAR to travelers at LAX. We have no doubt the VIP CLEAR experience will resonate with Los Angeles consumers and we couldn’t be more excited to offer another place for our loyal members to use CLEAR,” said company CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.