Roddy Ricch, Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Mustard at the Feed Your City Challenge food drive. (Davona Watson/L.A. Sentinel)

This past weekend the Feed Your City Challenge which is founded by former NBA player Ricky Davis, gave out groceries to people in the South L.A. community. The food drive was hosted by Mustard, Roddy Ricch, Trey Songz, and Jhene Aiko. They partnered with the non-profit Destination Crenshaw, and the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza to give out fresh produce and PPE supplies.

COVID-19 has people all over the world struggling to get food. Feed Your City Challenge has been traveling from state to state, connecting with city leaders, helping families get food, while they are struggling with bills and other issues. Davis says, “We out here in L.A. giving out food. We want to give people hope. Bills are piling up. Everything is getting tough. We just want to be the support system the community needs.”

Jhené Aiko (Saul Lopez/Instagram)

Davis says, “It takes one voice, one saying. With my platform in the NBA, I want to serve the underserved community, go out and be the light.” Thousands of pounds of food were distributed, filled with groceries. In the mall parking lot, families arrived hours ahead before the giveaway started. There were over one hundred volunteers in their black Feed Your City Challenge t-shirts, giving away fresh fruits and vegetables.

Davis and his foundation aims to show communities that they are not just talking. “We want to be real guys that stand up for the community. Not the ones that just talk and donate money.” Davis and his team have been traveling to different cities helping communities that are struggling. His goal is to change the mindset of the people. “Man, it feels good to be a blessing to others. That’s why I started my foundation, to be able to change somebody’s perspective in life.”

R&B artist Trey Songz participates in the Feed Your City Challenge food drive in Los Angeles volunteers (Davona Watson/L.A. Sentinel)

Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson was excited to be working with the Feed Your City Challenge. He mentioned how great it was to have Roddy Ricch and Mustard, who are both from the South L.A. community, help host and be hands on during the food drive. “Roddy Ricch and Mustard, they are both homeboys, they are from the community. They came up in our streets and they know how it is in the neighborhood,” says Dawson. He continues, “Once you put out the fall to give help, or get help, our community shows up. It just takes the right individuals to make the right call, set up the event, get volunteers and sponsors. LAPD is here, the fire department is here. Everybody steps up and we make it work. We make it do what it do.”

Mustard felt great giving back to the city he grew up in. “Being somebody from my city and being an active person doing things in my city, you always have to give back. This is one step of giving back. Especially in the pandemic.”

Boxes full of fruits and vegetables. (Davona Watson/L.A. Sentinel)

Mustard seeks inspiration by being an example to his kids, showing them how to leave a legacy.” He tells the LA Sentinel, “What inspires me is having kids and showing them the right direction and what to do as they grow up. That inspires me the most to get to where I’m going.” In order to survive this pandemic, Mustard gives advice. He simply states, “Save your money.”

The mission of the Feed Your City Challenge is to support the community in need which they have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Feed Your City Challenge was the latest initiative for the 10 Summers family and their “Summer of Giving Campaign.”

Roddy Ricch and Mustard delivering boxes to the community. (Davona Watson/L.A. Sentinel)
Feed Your City Challenge volunteers boxing up groceries. (Davona Watson/L.A. Sentinel)
Volunteers getting ready to package up food. (Davona Watson/L.A. Sentinel)