One hundred and one-year-old Mrs. Jimmie Wimberly boldly points to her one hundred and one-year-old cake. Photo E. Mesiyah McGinnis

Mrs. Jimmie Wimberly celebrated her 101st birthday with family and friends, on Sunday, September 9, at the Royal Buffet restaurant, in Inglewood, CA. She was born September 9, 1917.

As amazing as 101 is in years, the number is even more staggering when you consider that Mrs. Jimmie has lived roughly 36,865 days.

Mrs. Jimmie Wimberly (lower center) celebrates her 101st birthday with daughter, Merciel E. Tucker (left), her nephew, Farley G. McKinney (standing center), and niece, Mrs. Alice McKinney (right). Photo E. Mesiyah McGinnis

“I am very much happy. I love to be here with my family in my old age,” she said. Mrs. Jimmie’s niece, Mrs. Alice McKinney, who organized the event, asked her aunt what advice she had to help others make it to 101.

“Love everybody; be treated like you want to be treated and God will see you older and older and older. You will be blessed,” she said. Mrs. Jimmie blew out her candles, as her family sang happy birthday to her. She smiled and thanked them. “Thank God, I have no regrets. “

(L-R) Mrs. Jimmie McKinney blows out her 101 year-old birthday cake, with her niece, Mrs. Alice McKinney. Photo E. Mesiyah McGinnis