The Los Angeles Sentinel had an exclusive interview with Catherine Coddington, Head of North America Gaming Creators at Facebook Gaming (North America)

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, pledged $10 million to Black creators. The physical result of that promise was forged into the Black Gaming Creator Program, a space “to help up-and-coming Black creators elevate their work.”

The Los Angeles Sentinel had an exclusive interview with Catherine Coddington, Head of North America Gaming Creators at Facebook Gaming. She explained the significance of this course of action and its true investment.

Coddington considered the importance of the Black Gaming Creator Program, she stated, “Meta’s Black Gaming Creator Program was launched in December of 2020, pledging to support the Black gaming community through $10 million funding ($5 million for 2 years) in Los Angeles and beyond.

She continued, “The program aims to equip the next generation of Black gaming creators with funding, mentorship and training opportunities, and other resources to express their creativity and build a community on Facebook Gaming.”

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The Black Gaming Creator Program official website states, “At Facebook Gaming, we firmly believe in positivity, inclusion, and diversity in everything we do. We want our creators and viewers to share their love for gaming in an enjoyable and welcoming environment.”

The Head of North America Gaming Creators at Facebook Gaming also shared a quote from Fierce Diva, a creator who is involved with Facebook Gaming, Fierce Diva stated, “For the majority of my life I struggled to find what I wanted to do.”

He continued, ” However, the central concept of my professional endeavors was assisting or advocating for communities in need. Through streaming, I found that I could do this at a broader scale and build a community for people to become better versions of themselves. Streaming on Facebook has allowed me to engage with people and give back to a community in the gaming space.”

When considering the investment of the Black Gaming Program, Coddington stated, “The program is an investment designed to offer creators the opportunity to express their creativity, grow their community, and build a business with access to funding and resources.”

The Head of North America Gaming Creators at Facebook Gaming elaborated on exclusive details about the program.

The following are the benefits of participating in the program:

Facebook Gaming Partnership: Official Partnership as a Facebook Gaming Partner, with a Partner Badge added to their Facebook Gaming page.

Product Access: Early access to new streaming features and tools designed to help gaming creators grow their community on the platform. Creators in this program will also take part in regular feedback sessions with our product teams and help inform the platform’s future.

Community Support: Access to a private Facebook Group with members of the Facebook Gaming team, access to exclusive Gaming Concierge Support and invites to all digital and, eventually, in-person gaming events.

Education & Development: Bi-monthly summits focused on mentorship and training featuring established Black Gaming Creators from our platform providing program participants with guidance, encouragement, and answers to their questions.

Monetization: Ability to apply to onboard to Stars, Fan Subscriptions & Live Ads (creators must meet the platform’s integrity-based requirements for each product)

Content Funding: Guaranteed monthly pay.

Facebook is currently not working with any other major gaming organizations at this time, according to Coddington.

Reflecting on the inspiration to create The Black Gaming Program, Coddington confirmed that Meta is looking to stand behind their commitment. She stated, “The Black Creator Program aims to help further our commitment to diversity and inclusion and support the next generation of Black gaming creators here at Facebook Gaming.

The Black Gaming Program is a portion of Meta’s $200 million commitment to support Black-owned businesses and organizations. There was $100 million already in practice in 2020, according to Coddington.

Learn more about Meta’s Black Gaming Creator Program, creators can apply for partnership and learn more about the program at