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“Baby On The Run” 

In or about 1571 B.C. The Pharaoh of Egypt seemingly was an “angry madman.” He had just come into power. It was then the Hebrews (Exodus 12:40) tells us, “Now the sojourning of the children of Israel (who dwelt in Egypt) was four hundred and thirty years.

The two reckonings of the sojourning: one starting from the “promise” to Abraham (Galatians 3:14,17=430 years, the other starting from the recognition of his “seed” (Isaac) Genesis 21:12 (Acts 7:8 and Genesis 15:13-15=400 years. “This “dwelling” in Egypt was only 215 years and is to be distinguished from the “sojourning”, which was another 215 years.”

(Companion Bible) were truly enslaved for about 215 years and they sojourned in Egypt about 215 years before then. That makes up the 430 years that we read about. They were not enslaved a full 430 years, because—-remember the other Pharaoh who was in power when Jacob and his family came was friendly.

When the new Pharaoh took power, it was that one started enslaving the Hebrews because they were producing offspring abundantly, and he thought they would take over. He, therefore felt he had to do something to stop them. It is here that we find “Baby On the Run.”

There are other details, but this information will help guide us. You will recall that Joseph had supervision as governor over all the grain and foodstuffs over Egypt because of the famine and he was most trustworthy and wise. This was under the friendly Pharaoh. Joseph’s family with Jacob, the patriarchal head of the twelve tribes, had journeyed to Egypt because of the severe famine.

Before coming to Egypt, Joseph’s eleven brothers had treated him badly, kidnaped him and left him for dead. Jacob had sent them (the eleven) to look for Joseph because they had been gone so long. When the brothers’ returned Joseph was not with them. They told their father, Jacob, a BIG lie that he had been attacked by a wild animal and brought back Joseph’s bloody royal coat to their father. Don’t worry. Jehovah is true to His word.

For we learn from Exodus (the book of Redemption) Exodus 2:6 that when baby Moses was in his ark, the babe wept. Pharaoh’s daughter looked in and heard the babe weeping and she felt compassion on the Hebrew babe. “In that little ark lay, when she opened it she saw the child. At three months old, he was already sort of a fugitive. In that little ark lay 1 the defeat of the enemy,2 the preservation of the Nation, 3 the faithfulness of Jehovah’s word, 4 the bringing to naught “the wisdom of Egypt” and 5 the coming of “the seed of the woman” Genesis 3:15. “Throughout the long history, we see visibly and behind the scenes Joseph’s sad, but successful life. However, not all was lost. As is the history of Jehovah, he consistently reminds us, “I am the LORD.” He says, “beside me there is no god.”

“I will never leave you or forsake you.” “Be not afraid.” These are His signatures of comfort to memorize and keep in our hearts. Now, let’s get back to the story-account. The baby Moses starts his life as what I termed, “Baby On The Run.” He was born through Divine faith” covering him. When he was born, his mother, Jochebed, saw “by faith” he was a beautiful child.” One might say she knew there was something very special about their child. 

The “evil” Pharaoh had given orders to kill all the boys born, the “firstborn.” The midwives would not kill the baby boys and bravely went against the Pharaoh’s commands.  Jehovah rewarded them for their faithfulness. Exodus 1:14-22. Vs 21 tells us, “And it came to pass, because the midwives feared God, that He made them houses. And Pharaoh charged all the people, saying “Every son that is “born you shall cast into the river and every daughter you shall save alive.’ This is the atmosphere wherein Moses was born. As Moses grew up in luxury in the Egyptian surroundings, he prospered intellectually, learning, reading, mathematics and other learned subjects.

During these forty years that he spent in Pharaoh’s canopy, he saw the mistreatment of the Hebrews. It sounds like he had anger built up inside of him, because he decided one day to kill an Egyptian when the Egyptian was mistreating the Hebrew. He was not understanding that Jehovah had not given him the word yet to start his ministry/mission. Realizing that he was now hunted by Pharaoh, he ran away.

He married Zipporah and spent an extended 40 years with Jethro. His father-in law. The time came when he thought he should return to Egypt after hearing from the LORD (Exodus 4:19). And the LORD said unto Moses in Midian, “go, return into Egypt: for all the men are dead which sought your life.” This sounds familiar doesn’t it. Remember the account of Mary and Joseph. The LORD then starts giving Moses’ instructions of what he expected of him. Moses’ mind had been in what I have called here, “Mental Imprisonment.”

He had eighty years behind him and he needed a mental treatment to undo the coils of fear that locked his mind.  He had become afraid. Perhaps it was because of his killing the Egyptian. But, Jehovah begins to put Moses through the real test to unlock his imprisoned mind and the imprisoned minds of his people, the Hebrews.

Moses was a reluctant participant in Jehovah’s whole plan to set the Israelites free. Moses came up with objections to accept his commission by faith. In these verses, you will find evidence of his reluctance and resistance to what Jehovah told him: disqualifying himself because he was not capable; “Who Am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11); What message am I to take to them, “when I come to the children of Israel and shall say to them, “The God of your fathers has sent me to you and they shall say to me, “What is His name?” What shall I say to them?” (Exodus 3:13). To be continued Thanks for reading! Jeanette Grattan Parker is Founder-Superintendent Today’s Fresh Start Charter School 4514 Crenshaw Boulevard, LA 90043 323-293-9826 www.todaysfreshstart.org (Ask Dr. Jeanette TM) Inquiring Minds Want to Know” All articles are copyright. All rights reserved © Errors? Let me know. Join Sundays for music & message: 11:30am {1-712-775-8971—code 266751} Keep praying and keep hoping. References: (The Holy Bible; companion Bible; Believer’s Bible Commentary)