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Lyrica Anderson, a prominent singer songwriter has had found a heightened level of stardom in Hollywood after joining the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood three seasons ago. Along the way Anderson has discovered that joining the world of reality television has come with a great  deal of rewards but not without its challenges. 

“It’s helped my career because you get all these viewers, meet a lot of fans and celebrities who love the show as well as my music,” Anderson stated. “On the downside in your relationship if you have an argument or disagreement on camera sometimes it sucks when you go home and you’re still kind of mad about it. It can get kind of crazy.”

The 29-year-old accomplished songwriter from Canyon Country has had much success writing for artists like Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Charice, Demi Lovato among others. Though her passion for songwriting is unwavering, Anderson has prioritized her career as a solo artist. 

“I like writing for other people and I always will, but it’s nothing like writing a song that you love and getting to keep it for yourself,” Anderson said. 

Her most recent record, “Rent” featuring rapper Blac Youngsta is a step away from the traditional soulful R&B that Anderson has become known for over her career. 

“Rent is such a fun record I could’ve shopped it around, but I felt like it’s just a vibe and I really loved it for me,” said Anderson. 

The love of music came earnestly for Anderson, whose mother was a background singer for artists like Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross, and Stevie Wonder. She credits her mother with providing her earliest memories of singing. 

She recalls, “Being a little girl in the car and my mom did a run and I guess I did it after her and she was like ‘Do that again.’ I just remember her making me repeat her. Now, I realize she was just testing to see if I could sing like her.” 

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On the show, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood fans are able to witness the closeness Anderson and her mother share. After the passing of her twin sister, Adia, Anderson emphasized how her mother’s wisdom has directly influenced how she thinks even through her darkest days. 

“I was going through some point in my life when I was really really depressed and I didn’t realize I was walking with my head down a lot and my mom lifted my face up and said, ‘Don’t you ever walk with your head down, keep your head high I don’t care what you’re going through,’” Anderson recalled. It is those pieces of advice that have sustained her through trying times even in her marriage to super producer A1 Bentley.

The couple have been married since 2016 and publicly gone through marital woes.  

“We went through a little separation where I was running around saying I was single,” said Anderson. “We’re working things out.” 

Though Anderson and her husband are working on their marriage, she was reassured that children are in the cards for the couple.  

“It might be sooner than you think,” said Anderson. 

Anderson remains steadfast that the most important part of her life is maintaining relationships she deems important with family and friends. She cited the pressure associated with the constant scrutiny letting her life play out in the public eye as some of the biggest challenges with working in reality television. 

As for a sneak peek of the newest season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Anderson says fans are in for a real surprise from how she acts. 

“This season is a little turnt,” Anderson said smiling. “I’m turning my comment section off, so I’ll be alright and I don’t have to read the nonsense.” `