Los Angeles Sanitation and the city of Los Angeles on Monday celebrated the launch of the new business and multifamily waste collection program, “recycLA” at the Broadway Village apartments. The program provides waste and recycling services to 80,000 commercial and multifamily buildings in Los Angeles, many of which have not had the opportunity to recycle under the current system.

“Our landfills are too full. Our streets are too trashed. Our air is too thick,” said Los Angeles Councilman Curren Price.

“By expanding city recycling opportunities to all commercial and multi-family buildings, we are going to tackle those challenges and more.”

The new system divides the City into 11 zones that will be served exclusively by a single service provider, meaning fewer trucks congesting neighborhoods and less wear and tear on streets.

“It will also ensure strong customer services, predictable and protected rates, and much needed infrastructure and equipment improvements,” according to a spokesperson for the program.

“Clean fuel burning trucks and less waste going to landfills will result in better air quality and less greenhouse gas emissions, in keeping with the City’s strong commitment to mitigating the impact of climate change. Los Angeles continues to position itself as a leader on environmental issues that impact not only Los Angeles residents, but on a national and a global level as well.”