Past and present Romans alumni. (Courtesy Photo)

Los Angeles High School is celebrating their 150th Anniversary, and to celebrate they are throwing a block party, reveling in their rich history. The notable Black alumni class of the 1970s will host this special event to bring together their peers for a day of fun and reconnection.

According to one alumnus, the 70’s Romans of Los Angeles High School is “a place where classmates of 1970-1980 can hang out, reminisce, and celebrate the fabulous days of disco, 8-tracks, afros, Soul Train, and most importantly, our beloved Rome in all of its stages of transition.”

The event will be called “Romans en Blanc” or “Romans in White,” which will be an all-white party for attendees. While the class of the 1970s is sponsoring class, the event is open to all former students and graduates.

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Los Angeles High School remains the oldest public high school in the city and in all of the Los Angeles Unified School District.  In fact, the institution was the only high school in Los Angeles until 1905. While during the 20th century, the school endured its share of racism due to integration, Los Angeles High has become a diverse community serving the Mid-City community.

Los Angeles High School logo (Courtesy Photo)

To celebrate the diversity of L.A. High School, Councilwoman Heather Hutt emphasized, “Los Angeles High School has been a beacon of educational excellence for the entire City of Los Angeles, fostering generations of leaders, innovators and changemakers.

“As Councilwoman of the 10th District and the daughter of a LAHS alumni, it gives me great pride to congratulate them on their 150th anniversary. I am confident that this amazing institution will continue to influence the minds and hearts of future generations for many years to come.”

The Romans Class of 1970 encourages all alumni to reach out to them, and spread the word about this event. To learn more or obtain tickets, call (323) 677-2434.