Los Angeles is Bordering Level ‘red’ on the COVID-19 Severity Model.

Monday, July 13, Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti provided updates regarding the COVID-19 escalation. He addressed new state orders closing all gyms, places of worship, offices, and personal care services. Data shared by the Los Angeles County Department is showing a rise in transmission among the ages of 18-40. The mayor disclosed news to guide the city through the fluctuation and adjustments.

Garcetti addressed how the updates issued by California State Governor Gavin Newsom will affect the city, the state made changes in direction of opening certain firms due to the increased levels of COVID-19.  Newsom stated, “We’ve made this point on multiple occasions and that is why we’re moving back into a modification mode of our original stay-at-home order,” Los Angeles has already felt the retraction in Bars, indoor dining, and outdoor activity since  July 4. The Local Safer at Home Order is looking to be modified to include the state updates.

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti ( Screen Shot)

Garcetti disclosed the results from the launch of the city’s renter’s assistance that started on Monday, there were over 150,000 applications. Los Angeles’ Renter Assistance Program is the largest monetary initiative in the nation. The window to apply is open until midnight, Friday night, there are five days to request the assistance. For more information there is a website available; hcidla.lacity.org.

The city is still in an emergency condition, Garcetti emphasized the need for physical distancing, face coverings, and extreme attentiveness to hygienic practices. Lives are at stake and each day more are at risk; the pandemic has gotten worse across the country. The mayor admittedly stated, we never had so many people infected or infectious. L.A. is on the border of level ‘red’ indicating severe conditions.

A new online platform for scheduling tests was announced on Monday, “designed to provide more user-friendly experiences.” Key benefits include reduction in delayed results and appointment modifications. The new website to schedule an appointment is la.fulgentgenetics.com. Mobile and pop-up testing sites are still in action, especially among those who are most susceptible to the virus.

Protocols have been prompted for grades k-12, the mayor stands behind Educational resurgence with the directives that were issued on Monday;  it was described as a “road map” to what campus will look like when they decide to reopen. Distance learning will most likely be a part of the physical learning system, student and faculty will have to wear face coverings, and extracurricular activities will be limited.

The L.A. Public Health Department provided numbers that show an escalation in hospitalization, positive cases, and the overall community death rate is still in the double digits. The mayor shared the Latest numbers surrounding coronavirus on July 13, reflected 13 additional deaths, this brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 3,822.

Among multiple counties, the state of California mandated to close all indoor operations such as indoor protests and personal care services. There were over 2,000 people hospitalized as of July 13, Los Angeles Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer disclosed in a earlier briefing, the public health department is guided by the science and data, monitoring key metrics to see a clear report in status.

Garcetti stated, “We can get through this, we can make those small sacrifices. Wear a mask, we can clean our hands, and keep six feet between us. In doing so we can accelerate the day forward, in which we are back at school and our economy is roaring back and we are rebuilding our prosperity and enjoying our city.”