Friday, July 17, Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti announced new updates regarding the COVID-19 escalation. This past week, new state orders closed all gyms, places of worship, offices, and personal care services.  Community transmission has been on the rise since the end of May, noted positive case counts are among the ages of 18-40. The mayor disclosed news to guide the city through the turbulence of the virus. The mayor discussed resources for small businesses during the current shutdown of certain firms.

Garcetti addressed the demand for testing and that some residents do not have a car to drive through testing sites. The mayor mentioned they are still deploying mobile testing to reach people who may not have a way to get to a physical site. 9.5% of tests  are coming back positive, the virus continues to spread like wildfire through the community. The safest way to avoid infection as to stay home as much as possible.

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti (Screen Shot)

With recent shutdowns, small businesses are at high risk of not being able to keep afloat during this time. Garcetti announced another step forward in helping local businesses and their staff by providing funds, to help solidify their footing during the waves of closing and reopening of the economy. The mayor is working with Council member Curren Price, Council President Nury Martinez, and other public officials to invest an additional 10-million dollars in funds towards the L.A. Regional COVID-19 Team Recovery Program.

This is in collaboration with the county, the new funding is applied to the already existing three-million dollars within the initiative. There will be grants given to eligible small businesses and non-profits that are the cornerstone of the Los Angeles economic structure. It will be direct cash assistance, for those who need it the most such as firms who did not receive any assistance on a federal level.

For the firms that remain open In the past two weeks, there has been over 500 complaints about sectors not complying with the  mandated health officer orders, starting on Monday the mayor is relaunching the Business Ambassadors program, it made a significant impact in the earlier stages of COVID-19. Business Ambassadors will educate and monitor firm practices, encouraging them to meet new standards of health and safety for the city.

According to the news buzzing around the scientific circuit, there are two vaccines that are showing “deep promise,” but the mayor stressed the mission lies within individual preventative care. The goal is to keep people from getting infected.  The virus must be Repudiated at the early stage of spread by upholding physical distancing and maintaining thorough hygienic practices.  The pandemic has gotten worse across the country, the numbers are still headed in the wrong direction. “This is an extremely dangerous situation, and it remains that way.” Said the Mayor Garcetti with a record 4,000 deaths due to coronavirus in Los Angeles.

Testing remains prioritized for those most susceptible to the virus, but as previously mentioned there is a new online platform for scheduling tests that was announced on Monday, “designed to provide more user-friendly experiences.” Key benefits include reduction in delayed results and appointment modifications. The new website to schedule an appointment is Mobile and pop-up testing sites are still in action, especially among those who are most susceptible to the virus.

The mayor reiterated the way to move forward, is through individual concern for safety. Wearing a mask, physical distancing, and being mindful during this global pandemic will save lives. Additionally,  the effects of taking steps backwards in the face of escalation will show up in future data, the mayor is hopeful in seeing the numbers lower and Los Angeles getting off the state watch list.