Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti. (screen Shot)

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti prepared L.A. for its next moves towards recovery from COVID-19 outbreaks. This month the mayor revealed the largest testing site in America at the Dodger Stadium and announced the gradual accessibility of non-essential retail stores. Los Angeles County leadership continue to mold their plans to integrate physical distancing guidelines within the workforce; every Angeleno is constantly  reminded to stay aware and use common judgment as the world treads new waters. Garcetti disclosed the latest data behind the spread of coronavirus, including new statistics that will guide his future decision in expanding the reach for economic recovery.

Protection is the number one priority, as Los Angeles glides into a new sense of reality. Before the mayor began his briefing on COVID-19, he acknowledged the murder of George Floyd. An African American man from Minnesota, killed by a Minneapolis Police Officer on May 25. The police officer was kneeling on Floyd’s neck with all of his weight, suffocating Floyd to death.

Garcetti stated, “…He was far from the first, the end of his life, was another page in the worst chapter of our nation’s history of what it means to be black in America. 244 years into our attempts to define a more perfect union and each time this happens we have to speak clearly. We have to say the truth. We have to stop in these moments as painful as they are, to right the wrongs that aren’t just part of our history but exist here in our presence.” The mayor went on to highlight other unjust murders prior to Floyd’s death to emphasize the point of action that needs to take place. He called for the help of “Non-African Americans” to rally behind the fight for equality and justice, to end police brutality. He spoke of “all” owning this moment and “all” must join this movement.

This month has been reflective of the balance between economic recovery and the well being of every Angeleno. This season, the mayor has emphasized the need for compliance and safety throughout the city. Milestones like securing PPE for frontline responders and developing the largest testing site in America are pillars carved into safer grounds, however the numbers from the spread of the virus remain the same and people are still getting sick.

Garcetti disclosed the data surrounding the viral outbreak, the mayor affirmed that L.A.  is on track with stopping the spread of COVID-19. As of May 29, there were 50 additional deaths; this brings the total COVID-19 related deaths in the L.A. County to 2,290. There were 1,824 new cases reported, bringing the total of positive COVID-19 reports to 51,562. The latest numbers reflect a 4% increase, since May 28. There is a daily average of 1,200 new cases. Within the Los Angeles City, there were 617 new positive incidents of COVID-19, bringing the city’s total to 24,261 total reports.

Garcetti went into detail about the county’s announcement of more non-essential businesses reopening; hair salons and barbershops can start opening for in-person appointments. Additionally, restaurants can offer dine-in services, California State Governor Gavin Newsom approved a request from the county; a variance for Los Angeles to accelerate reopening non-essential businesses. There must be public health orders in place that highlights social distancing. This will allow pillars of the economy to contribute into rebuilding the fiscal infrastructure. The decision was based on the county’s ability to stabilize hospital capacity, testing availability, health orders specific to each sector that ensures the safety of the guests and employees. This advancement has brought Los Angeles to phase two, based off the state’s Resiliency Roadmap. Los Angeles continues to push towards recovery and a state of equality for every Angeleno.