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The nonprofit that supports the Los Angeles Zoo announced today that an anonymous donor gave $1 million to help the zoo fund its first Conservation Strategic Plan, a five-year effort to put into action the zoo’s pledge to protect animals, plants and habitats.

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association said the plan, which was released in July, is focused on social and environmental justice, human- wildlife coexistence, California conservation, illegal wildlife trade, conservation translocations and evidence-based conservation.  “The $1 million anonymous donation helps GLAZA get 90% of the way to achieving our $3 million fundraising goal for the Conservation Strategic Plan,” said GLAZA President Tom Jacobson.

“Our success in raising funds to implement this bold plan highlights  donor excitement and the belief that the zoo can and must exert a proactiveimpact on conservation in Los Angeles, the region, and the world for the next five years.”

The plan begins with a focus on conservation in Griffith Park and then extends around the globe, according to GLAZA, which noted that California native wildlife is uniquely at risk due to sea-level rise, drought and rising temperatures.

“This incredible donation and GLAZA’s fundraising efforts is vital to the zoo’s efforts to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the Conservation Strategic Plan,” said L.A. Zoo Director and CEO Denise M. Verret.

“It’s the zoo’s vision to create a world where people and wildlife thrive together, and this plan not only solidifies that vision but provides a pathway for us to get there.” People can read more about the zoo’s Conservation Strategic Plan at