Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson (Leroy Hamilton)

The Los Angeles City Council Tuesday confirmed the nomination of President Pro Tem Marqueece Harris-Dawson as the next council president.

In a 14-0 vote, with Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez absent, the council selected Harris-Dawson as the next council president, which he will assume on Sept. 20. The move comes after council members Katy Yaroslavsky and Heather Hutt nominated Harris-Dawson last week. Council President Paul Krekorian plans to step down from the position by that date in a move to help transition to new leadership. Krekorian is leaving City Hall at the end of this year due to term limits.
“Thank you so much council president, thank you all members of the council, and everybody that was advised, pushed, cajoled, and struggled with us over the past few months to get to this particular day,” Harris-Dawson said following the vote. “A special thank you to Council President Krekorian who’s made every resource available so we could have a smoother transition as possible.”
He added, “You’ll hear from us later, and until September, expect to see me with my head down and studying as hard as I can, so that we can be as prepared as possible when I take leadership of this council.”
According to city officials, Harris-Dawson is expected to serve as council president through the middle of December. Following November’s election and once new council members assume their respective offices, another election will take place to elect a council president for a new term.
As president, Harris-Dawson will preside as chair over council meetings, have the power to assign council committees and handle parliamentary duties such as ruling motions in or out of order.
The 54-year-old politician was born and raised in South Los Angeles. He was elected in 2015 by 62% of voters to represent the Eighth District, covering neighborhoods of Baldwin Hills, Chesterfield Square, Crenshaw and Jefferson Park, among others.
Yaroslavsky previously said in a statement that “Harris-Dawson’s leadership, vision, and temperament have consistently stood out in his tenure on the council.” She added, “His ability to build coalitions across L.A.’s diverse communities demonstrates a commitment to collaboration that is crucial for our city’s future.”
The motion was co-signed by six other council members — Nithya Raman, Hugo Soto-Martinez, John Lee, Eunisses Hernandez, Monica Rodriguez and Krekorian.
Yaroslavsky also expressed her “deep gratitude and appreciation” for Krekorian, noting that his leadership “steadied” the council and city through crises and complexities as Los Angeles emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and several political scandals.
Krekorian had written a letter to his colleagues, including Mayor Karen Bass and City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto, notifying them of his plans to step down as council president.
“I want to thank each of you for the trust and support you have extended to me as your council president,” the letter reads. “Even more, I thank you for your commitment to serving the people of Los Angeles, and to continuing the vital work of restoring effectiveness, prudence, integrity and decorum to the City Council on which we are privileged to serve. It is my honor to be your colleague.”